Radisson Blu Takes Giant Leap with Electric Cars for Guest Services in Nairobi

Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill has joined forces with Humming Bird Transport (HBT), a pioneer in guest mobility services. This groundbreaking partnership aligns perfectly with the spirit of World Environment Day, underscoring a shared commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

The collaboration between Radisson Blu and HBT is poised to introduce twelve electric vehicles (EVs) into the hotel’s fleet. This move is not merely about augmenting the number of cars; it represents a crucial step toward significantly reducing carbon emissions in daily operations. By doing so, Radisson Blu is actively rewriting the environmental script of the hospitality industry, aiming to offer a cleaner, greener tourism experience.

Russel Storey, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This partnership marks a defining moment in the hospitality industry. By introducing electric vehicles, we are not just reducing carbon emissions; we are re-writing the script on the hospitality industry’s environmental impact. We are also aiming to redefine the tourism experience while championing Kenya’s leadership in green transport in Africa.”

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Radisson Blu charging stations:

To support the integration of electric vehicles, Radisson Blu has proactively installed a dedicated charging station within its premises. This facility not only serves the operational needs of the hotel but will also be available to guests, further promoting the use of electric vehicles. Such infrastructure is essential for the long-term viability of electric transport solutions in the hospitality sector.

Radisson Blu Upgrades to Electric Cars for Guest Services in Nairobi

Martin Murungi, the Managing Director of Humming Bird Transport, commented on the initiative, saying, “Our partnership with Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, exemplifies the power of collaboration and shared vision in driving positive change. Together, we are pioneering sustainable transportation solutions that will redefine the tourism experience and set a new precedent for environmental responsibility.”

Environmental Impact and Commitment

Electric vehicles are a key component in the fight against pollution as they produce zero tailpipe emissions. This reduction in emissions contributes directly to cleaner air and a decrease in greenhouse gases. Radisson Blu’s decision to adopt EVs is a proactive step towards minimizing its environmental footprint and aligns with Kenya’s goals to be a leader in green transportation.

The initiative is part of Radisson Blu’s broader Responsible Business strategy, which focuses on three main pillars: THINK People, THINK Community, and THINK Planet. Through these pillars, the hotel implements various sustainability-oriented practices such as using energy-efficient LED lighting, installing sensor taps, utilising solar energy for heating water, recycling water, and engaging in tree planting. These actions demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Advancing Green Transport in Africa

Radisson Blu and Humming Bird Transport are at the forefront of a movement towards sustainable transportation in the sub-Saharan region. HBT, in particular, is recognized for its commitment to green mobility, boasting the largest fleet of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the sub-Saharan African hospitality sector. This partnership is a testament to the potential of strategic collaborations to effect substantial environmental change.

The timing of this partnership announcement on World Environment Discriminates it as a response to global calls for environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. The collaboration between Radisson Blu and HBT exemplifies how the business sector can lead by example, making significant contributions to the health of the planet.

Radisson Blu’s Responsible Business initiative also includes support for underprivileged children in conjunction with SOS Children’s Village, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to social responsibility.


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