Move Ride Rwanda Announces Price Adjustments Due to Economic Factors

In a recent communication to its customers, MOVE Ride Rwanda has announced a review and forthcoming adjustment of its ride pricing structure. This adjustment, influenced by factors such as inflation and rising fuel costs, aims to enhance the quality of service provided to its users.

The latest announcement marks another significant change in pricing since 2019, when MOVE, owned by Volkswagen Rwanda, increased its rates in response to pricing regulations set by the Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA). At that time, the firm adjusted its rates from Rwf450 per kilometre to Rwf610 per kilometre. Additionally, the pricing structure was revised to include a time component, charging Rwf45 per minute, reflecting a more comprehensive approach to fare calculation.

In an email addressed to customers, the MOVE Team expressed their commitment to maintaining transparent communication and ensuring high-quality transportation services. “We are reviewing our MOVE ride prices. This review aims to enhance the quality of services we offer you. The change is influenced by several factors, including inflation and rising fuel costs. Stay tuned for updates,” stated the announcement.

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MOVE Ride Rwanda has become a popular choice for urban transportation since its launch, offering a reliable and convenient service powered by Volkswagen. The platform allows users to book rides through a user-friendly mobile app, providing an essential service in the rapidly urbanising city of Kigali.

As the economic landscape changes, the adjustment in pricing reflects a broader trend affecting various sectors in Rwanda and beyond. Customers have been advised to keep an eye on future communications for specific details about the new pricing structure and how it will impact their travel budgets.


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