Saturday, October 24, 2020
Equity has today rolled out a single universal number for all its outbound communication to customers and other external stakeholders. The company has said that moving forward, customers will be contacted by one outgoing number: 0763 000 000 under Equitel’s main prefix ‘0763’.
600 apps from the Google Play Store have been identified as spamming users with annoying ads. Google has been cracking down on these developers and has taken them out of the Play Store.
Are you a young African innovator with a cool idea you believe could help in the fight against COVID-19? #ATUInnovationChallenge @atu_uat
Safaricom CFO Sateesh Kamath appointed Vodafone Business CFO
This will be a two hours session that begins at 2: 00 PM - 4:00 PM. The webinar will begin with a keynote speech by the host Jerome Ochieng, PS ICT & Innovation followed by a moderated panel session and Q&A that will last for one hour.
Google has pulled these apps from the Play Store, if you have them, delete them as they're malware-infected.
The airline will operate the two routes every Friday and Sunday, with the Mombasa-Eldoret and Kisumu flight departing from Mombasa at 13.15 to arrive in Eldoret at 15.05 and in Kisumu at 15.55. The flight will depart Eldoret at 15.25, and from Kisumu at 16.15 to arrive in Mombasa at 18.05.
Check Point researchers have recently discovered a new clicker malware family, along with fresh samples of the Joker malware family in Google Play. You are advised to delete these 12 apps.
Lipa na M-Pesa , All Safaricom Cloud services, M-Shwari, KCB M-Pesa , The MySafaricom App, M-Pesa Daraja API, Mobile Banking, International Money Transfers, All VAS services and Online Customer Care support on Facebook and Twitter
There's a new batch of apps you should delete from your Android Phone
In Kenya, Huawei has been lighting up its office building in white colour from September 8th to 10th in response to the September 9th UN International Day to Protect Education from Attack.
CBK extends the emergency Measures to Facilitate Mobile Money Transactions in Kenya up to December 31st 2020.
Safaricom has today announced Elizabeth Mbugua as the overall winner of the just concluded mobile gaming competition dubbed the MobiPlay Challenge.
This time, Cyber Security Firm Evina has found the following 25 apps to be stealing users' Facebook Credentials. Google has already removed the apps from the Play Store. But if they're on your phone, you need to get rid of them.
HP Inc. confirms that there has been no change to the company’s presence in Kenya. Earlier this week, there was incorrect reporting from certain publications about HP exiting the East Africa region and particularly Kenya.