Do you really need a 4K Camera?

2014 is the year of 4K cameras and 4K displays. Every OEM is releasing something to do with 4K. But seriously do you need a 4K camera?

Not so long ago, devices that had 720p or 1080p Cameras were the devices every one wanted. But someone somewhere decided to create mobile phone cameras with 4K support and now everybody wants 4K.

I don’t think 4K is even necessary. 1080p is already Full HD so I’m wondering why someone would want 4x HD. I’m not saying 4K is useless completely but on an average users hand, it is a total waste. For example a 10 Sec video would be so large and storage would be a problem…

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Look at this image below.

Dcine 700
Comparisons. 4K makes 1080 look small but what’s the use?

4K cameras are good for high quality movies and videos. They’re entirely useless on amateurs hands. You don’t really need 4K. You won’t even be shooting 4K videos for a long time before you run out of storage. Stick to your 1080p.


Try watching a 1080 and a 4K video. Difference? Now why 4K?


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