Google+, Facebook and Twitter. These are the best known and most commonly used social sites worldwide. One would be excused if they say it is impossible for a new site to come and take over the social media scene. But I have personally met and interacted with Brian Nyagol, the founder of, a new social media site for University Students in Kenya, and he says, “this is the next big thing”.


When I asked him why he thought of a social media site for University students when students are already on Facebook, Twitter and G+, he told me:

  1. Nothing on Facebook is relevant to University Students
  2. Facebook/Twitter/G+ do not give students a personal learning environment
  3. There is no site yet in Kenya yet that is exclusively for Students
  4. VibeCampo aims to bring relevant information to the relevant people.

I went ahead and used the site. I created an account and was actually amazed that all this is the initiative of a 3rd year Engineering student. The site enables you to get to know students from all over Kenya, what course they do and their various achievements in their relevant fields of study. Especially if you’re one who loves interacting and making friends, VibeCampo gives you the chance to meet new people, your age, who are in University with whom you can share ideas and chat.

Brian Nyagol, Founder
Brian Nyagol, Founder

The site which is still in its early stages, works too well for something that is just starting up. Brian told me that in less than 3 years, the team sees themselves having to hire over 100 new people with the expected upsurge in VibeCampo users, whom he calls ‘Vibers’.

VibeCampo will in the near future launch Channels (akin to Facebook Pages) so as to bring Brands, Student Politicians plus various Educational Institutions and Organisations like The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)  on board. This, Brian says, will be better than all other social media methods of promotion as relevant information will reach a relevant audience. VibeCampo will also be introducing Alumni Accounts for students who’ve already cleared university.

Personally, I’m very much in agreement with the idea of a social site exclusively for Kenyan students. Popular social sites have been overwhelmed with irrelevant promotions and advertisements to a level nothing is useful to students. VibeCampo, I see, will be a serious place, without the intrusion of irrelevant ads or even family.  Organisations looking to employ will easily find students. Information will also easily spread  and knowledge be shared among students.

Therefore if you’re looking for relevant people to indulge with in relevant discussions that will be relevant to your life: there’s