The Problem with having an InnJoo Device in Kenya


You’ve heard of InnJoo products. I have written on quite a few of these devices here.

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InnJoo is a company based in Dubai. They describe themselves as a

…technical startup born with internet DNA …one of the fastest-growing company… providing smart devices as well as software services in the Middle East and Africa area.

And they have very nice products. For example the InnJoo One. I could go on all day about the One as it is a very well, and beautifully built device. Read my review of its specifications here. I want one already.

The problem with InnJoo products in Kenya however is this: the company doesn’t yet have offices in Kenya. Currently they are only partnering with Jumia. I have however learnt that they have a Nigerian branch.

It becomes a risk having a device when the company doesn’t have a branch in your country. For example:

  • What happens when my screen breaks?
  • What happens when I have software issues?
  • Where do I take my phone?
  • Who is to trust, in terms of phone repairers, with InnJoo products?
  • Whom do I contact on Social Media to explain certain stuff to me?

I might not be fully aware but what I currently know is that InnJoo doesn’t have offices in Kenya. If at all they do, then their presence is not being felt on social media. People with phone issues don’t yet know where to report/take their phones for repair. And who can trust these fake repairers?

When Infinix officially decided to delve in to the market with the Infinix Hot and the Hot Note, this was one of my worries: where do I take my phone in case of any issues. However, I later learnt that both Tecno and Infinix issues, as they are owned by one company, are reported to Carlcare services.

So now when getting an InnJoo phone, whether the Fire or the Note, know that in the event that you face any challenges or damages to your phone, there currently is no way, legitimate way, to have it fixed.

I might be wrong. If there are InnJoo centres anywhere in the country, feel free to tell me in the comment sections below.


  1. I bought injoo Max 2 phone one year now and my screen cracked a small bit, now its hanging, no response to touch around the crack. Can i get another screen???

  2. My Injoo Halo x does not respond when i press the power button. it responds sometimes but most times does not respond and am worried now. Its only two weeks old.

  3. hey guys my innjoo max 3 phone’s is broken coz it only displays…light i was wonderin how much does it cost to fix it…please help

  4. I bought an indoor Max 3 for 5 month now I don’t know where to put the second SIM card if at all its a dual sim phone,my cover case is damaged where do I get one kindly assist bwana Tony

  5. very poor service in computer planet. a simple earpiece replacement to take 7working days? then the muhindi guy is not ashamed to tell me such. I wonder how a month old new phone develops such a problem.

  6. Comment:last month l bought injoo max 3 from jumia kenya.From its looks,it seems a nice phone but l have come to realise a disadvantage of injoo max 3.itz camera is said to be 13mega pixels but its quality is poor especially front camera.they are not that clear.fingerprint is another doesn’t work except only for camera and screensensor.To be honest am not intrested with injoo phones anymore.

  7. As I said earlier, a while ago InnJoo did not have a Service Centre here in Kenya but they partnered with Computer Planet Limited(Authorised Distributor) and opened one. As a new entrant to the Kenyan market, you don’t expect them to have Service Centres in every town. The service center is situated at Vision Plaza along Mombasa rd. Anybody with problems regarding the same can take the same there. You can as well call me for more information.

  8. you’ve said it all. Even though they don’t have premises in the country they should at least try and reply to the questions of their customers on social media platforms similar to what infinix is doing excellently.

      • that is a long shot for them. I would recommend anyone having a problem with an innjoo device to contact the company that imports the devices and sells them on Jumia as I did. The company is called Computer planet only bummer is that they are based in Mombasa

      • Yes I guess, I contacted them last week about the problem about the lack of screen protectors and flip covers and they responded. Surely enough I got the flip cover today and its way better than the one I bought for my Infinix hot note since its leather with a nice texture to it.

      • Computer Planet Limited is the Sole Distributor for InnJoo Phones. They also have a Service Centre at Vision Plaza Mombasa Road. Any person with problems regarding the same can contact me on 0704080347

      • kindly,

        can i get a battery, flip cover and back cover for the innjoo fire plus ?

        I want to purchase one and i need to know whether i can get those accessories before i make a purchase


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