Which Browser do you use on your Phone?

My short answer would be Chrome. Which is more or less obvious by now. Who doesn’t use Chrome. Or rather, who wouldn’t want to?

Phone Browser

I have many browsers on my phone. Always. I don’t know why. They include:

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  • Opera Browser
  • Opera Mini
  • Chrome Browser
  • Firefox for Android and
  • Browser, the stock in-built one.

Whenever I have a new device, there are certain apps I must have first. Chrome is always on the list.

Here’s how I use my browsers:

  • Opera Browser is for the times when I have a really slow connection and I have to load a site with everything, including disqus comments. This browser helps me see everything on a site without necessarily having a fast connection. You can activate Opera Turbo while using it and it literally becomes like Opera Mini.


  • Opera Mini I use when I need to load some page extra fast. These are more so blogs I wouldn’t want to comment on or websites that don’t have a lot of gimmicks, ‘responsiveness’, pop ups etc. It is my best browser in slow networks. It is my favourite when I just need to check out stuff that isn’t that necessary or important. I know some people who browse full time using Opera Mini. Why do that to yourselves? Is Facebook on Opera Mini even remotely comparable to Facebook App for Android or Facebook Lite?
    Both Opera and Opera Mini have received Material design update that makes them look really beautiful. You can even pull down to refresh. Plus you can push what you are reading from device to device and even synchronise history across devices.


  • Firefox for Android is another browser I rarely use nowadays. Last year around January, this was my favourite! It has reading mode, I can save pages to read offline, I can synchronise my stuff across devices and looks awesome. I don’t know how or why, but I fell out with Firefox (both phone and PC) sometime back.


  • Every phone has the stock browser. Some devices call it “Internet” while others just “Browser”. I only use mine the first time when setting up the phone. Immediately after receiving internet configurations, I go to it and check to see whether or not there’s internet access. It serves no function thereafter. However I know somebody who uses this browser religiously. You should see her screenshots.


Chrome grew to be my favourite browser on its own. No one told me about it. I just gave it a try and it won my heart.

I used to have LastPass plugin to save all my passwords with one master password. All that changed when Chrome allowed me to sign in on my browser and everything including passwords, credit card details, personal details and even residence would automatically sync. With Chrome, all I do is sign in to it. Everything else automatically works thereafter.


Another thing I love about the browser is the new feature: touch to search. When you’re reading a site and there’s something from the post you want to Google, all you have to do is touch the word/phrase and a pull-up sort of mini browser that doesn’t affect your normal browsing shows up. This comes in the wake of the upcoming “Now on Tap” on Android M.

I have gone so deep into explaining Chrome. I don’t know why. Sorry. This post was meant to ask you a simple question: Which browser are you using? And why?

I’ve told you what I use. It’s your turn.


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  1. Firefox for sure, even on my pc. Chrome is lovely but google is so big! I feel nice supporting smaller companies in the little things, like application softwares, they try to work and improve on. Will try out Opera now too

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