It is becoming a question that everyone is asking : which is better between the TECNO Camon C9 and the Infinix Zero 3. And this should have been expected as both are kind of camera phones. The Zero 3 boasting of the 20.7MP Sony lens while the C9 really pushing its 13MP camera.

First of all, this is not a showdown of cameras only. And I don’t want the comparison to focus only on one thing. Both phones have their pros and cons. And it will be good if you, before reading this post, read my full reviews of both phones:

  • Infinix Zero 3 full review – here.
  • TECNO Camon C9 full review – here.

I have used both devices, and as thus I feel my take on both will be absolutely honest, and absolutely exhaustive.

Infinix Zero 3Back Cameras:

Infinix Zero 3 has a 20.7MP back camera. TECNO Camon C9 has a 13MP back camera. Big difference in Megapixels, but we all know on paper specs doesn’t necessarily match reality when using.

The Infinix Zero 3 camera is really good. It captures amazing photos and can be a good tool for slightly professional photography as you can adjust many settings to your taste.

Pro Camera Mode Zero 3
Pro Camera Mode Infinix Zero 3

On the Camon C9 however the camera is set to be very simple. And all you can get is stickers, and burst mode.

You can’t go full professional on the Camon C9. Something I feel they should have really included as this is TECNO’s flagship in the camera department.

TECNO Camon C9 Photo APP
All you get on the Camon C9

But one thing you should note:

Though the Zero 3 has a really well spec’d camera, and a really good camera app accompanying it, it is worth noting that the Camon C9’s back camera kind of performs better at just point-and-shoot photography.

If you were to do a blind test with subjects who don’t know which phone they’re using, and tell them to just point and shoot using the C9 and the Zero 3, then show them the photos and ask which photos are better, most people would choose the Camon C9 photos over the Zero 3’s. Which is funny, but true. We’ve tried this and many people love the colour detail and sharpness of the C9.

You can check out photo samples:

  • Infinix Zero 3 Photo Samples – here
  • TECNO Camon C9 Photo & Video Samples – here

Front Cameras:

The Infinix Zero 3 has a 5MP front camera, while the Camon C9 has a 13MP front camera. So you would probably think I’m wasting time here trying to compare the two.

That shouldn’t be the case. But this time, unfortunately you’re right. The Camon C9 front camera is on another level. 


The Infinix Zero has 3GB RAM and a 2.0GHz Octa Core Helio X10 Processor! It never hanged on me all the time I used it. Not once. I even did a video (here) of just how fast the phone was.

The Camon C9 has 2GB RAM and a 1.3GHz Octa Core processor. It has issues with keeping apps in memory. It has issues with large apps. It hangs sometimes.

The Zero 3 wins in performance.


The Infinix Zero 3 has a 3030mAh battery. The Camon C9 has a 3000mAh battery. Both have almost equal battery life which is between 4 and 5hrs screen-on time on fairly heavy use.

But the Zero 3 charges quite fast when compared to the C9. So…


Both phones have 1080p displays. And it has been a real hard task for me to compare the two displays. They’re both good.  The Infinix Zero 3 remember boasts of Corning Gorilla 3 protection.


The phones have different design languages. The Zero 3 is a full brick of unscratchable glass. The Camon C9 has a metal band round it, and features a roughened, removable, plastic back cover. You can’t hate on any design as both phones look really nice.


The Infinix Zero 3 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop with XUI while the TECNO Camon C9 runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOS.

I really loved XUI. And you all know I have issues here and there with HiOS. But Infinix is shifting from XUI to what they’ll be calling XOS. Infinix Zero 3 will be receiving XOS which is based on Android 6.0.

I have seen XOS and it is pretty dope. Like very different, a lot more intuitive than HiOS, and it keeps lock-screen notifications which TECNO’s HiOS has unfortunately done away with.


I love the C9’s speakers. I feel like they have really good clarity. The Zero 3’s speakers weren’t really much.

But on earphones or headphones, the Zero 3 produces superior quality audio. I even remarked that in my full review.

On ear/headphones, the C9 doesn’t really do music justice as much as I would have loved/expected.

LED Notifications

Both phones have notification lights. The Zero 3 has its on the top next to the front camera flash. The Camon C9 has its on the home button.


The Infinix Zero 3 costs Ksh. 18,499. The Camon C9 is currently Ksh. 16,999.

I have all through been saying the Zero 3 is my favourite phone of the year. That camera, that processor and 3GB RAM for only $185 is an incredible, unreachable deal.

The Camon C9 is a good camera phone, as expected, and as it should be. On a blind camera test it would easily beat the Zero 3 as people love overly coloured, and sharpened photos. But in performance and speed, it falls short.

I would choose the Infinix Zero 3 over the TECNO Camon C9. You?


  1. Comment:tanks for the review u really made things easy n simple to understand about each products but love infinix Zero 3 just for the performance

  2. Comment:Thanks for the info but I would really like to know about infinix note 2 x600 LTE compared to tecno boom j8 which is better?

  3. Not surprised abt the camera, after all theres a LUMIA (cant remember which rn) which has more megapixels than the iphone 6 and s6 but doesnt perform as well as either. The performance diff is obvs because of RAM & processor. Both designs good, I agree with you, but that zero 3 is rather boxy

  4. Thanks for clearing the air about these two. I need a phone that will be heavily used for gaming. I suppose the Infinix zero 3 will do.

    • The only part the Phantom 5 beats the Zero 3 is with the fingerprint scanner and internal storage. The Zero 3 has a better processor and a better camera. Both have 3GB RAM and both have a 5.5 inch 1080p display. So you see unless I really want that fingerprint scanner, I wouldn’t pay an extra $115.


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