Exclusive: TECNO Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus Specifications

Interesting enough the next flagship from TECNO will come in two variants.

Update: TECNO Phantom 6 Plus unboxing and first impressions —>> Check it out here!

It has been close to a year now since the TECNO Phantom 5. Actually it’ll be a year in September. But naturally, as you’d expect, talk of the new coming phone is already ripe. And there are rumours here and there on what we expect to be called the TECNO Phantom 6.

The next flagship device from TECNO will come in two variants:

  • TECNO Phantom 6
  • TECNO Phantom 6 Plus

Phantom 6:

The TECNO Phantom 6 is expected to feature dual cameras at the back. The dual camera setup could either borrow from the HTC’s dual camera setup for depth or from the Huawei’s for brilliant black and white photos. No one knows.

TECNO Phantom 6
TECNO Phantom 6

The phone will have 3GB RAM with either 16 or 32GB internal storage.

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It is said this phone will not have a fingerprint scanner but will come with the eye scanner we’ve seen on the TECNO Camon C9.

It will come with a USB type-C port.

Phantom 6 Plus:

This one will be bigger in size at 5.95 inches. It will, expectedly, borrow a lot of internal specifications from the Phantom 6.

It will however be the one that’ll have a fingerprint scanner.

The Phantom 6 Plus however won’t have the dual camera setup. It will have one 21MP camera on the back.

It will also feature a USB type-C port.


These are rumours I have picked up from around the web and as so can’t be the full truths. It is however exciting to see what the next flagship(s) from TECNO will offer.

The USB type-C ports are a big and welcome leap as type-C is the future.

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I am also excited to see the dual camera setup, and the eye scanner that TECNO seems to really trust.

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  • Faceless J

    Omo… USB type C wouldn’t be bad o

  • Awesome review Dickson

  • MissChlorine

    Will it have 4G?

    If yes, how many processors?

    Hope the processors will be up to eight at least? that’s octa-core.

    • Ivvy

      It should have 4G. If it doesn’t, I don’t recommend it.

      It’s a Deca-Core processor. That’s 10 processors.

      Dunno which chipset they will use though.

  • BenKafor

    Very nice specs