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X-Tigi S23 is Big on Battery, Has Dual Micro SD Cards, Acts as Powerbank

I just realised something here. You all must have seen the X-tigi S23 somewhere, wherever you are in Kenya. But maybe you didn’t know it is a Ksh. 2,300 (currently on Jumia and also on Kilimall Kenya) phone.

But the X-tigi S23 isn’t just a phone. It is many things in one. Hence the big size. And the best part of everything is that it is also a 10,000mAh Powerbank.

You know 10,000mAh powerbanks don’t come easily. And don’t come cheap. They’re affordable but they don’t give you any extra functionality like the S23.

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  • Dual SIM phone
  • 2.4″ inch display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Universal USB Cable
  • Wireless FM
  • Torch
  • Jumia says dual Micro SD card. Don’t know how that works.

xtigi-s23-powerbankThe device can be used in any environment. It is a strong “all-terrain” device.

You can get it for the purposes of a powerbank. Or you can get it for the purposes of a kabambe phone. Or even for the purposes of a radio and music phone. I am getting it as a weapon. Knock this on a thief and they pass out!

The two MicroSD card slots each support up to 32GB.

You can get it from either Kilimall or Jumia.


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