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5 things I like about the Infinix HOT S

The Infinix HOT S, read full review here, is a device that many people I know have said is too small for them to use.

That’s because it is a 5.2 inch device. However, there are a couple of things I really liked about the device and feel I should share.

The full review has obviously covered all these stuff, but in case you haven’t read that, this post is for you.

Here are things I love about the INFINIX HOT S:

  1. Design – all reviews I’ve read have praised this phone’s design
  2. Metallic Finish – cold, and nice to touch
  3. Weight- this is an extremely light phone.
  4. Cameras – the cameras are agreeably good, check out review
  5. Fingerprint scanner – the scanner is very fast, and accurate

There you go.

Do you think this phone beats the Huawei GR3?

Buy it from Jumia Kenya at Ksh. 13,699.

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