Smart Devices Coming to Your Home

by Sarah Allen

The goal of the Smart Home trend is to have a series of internet connected devices that communicate with each other. This can increase efficiency in the home as it removes manual labor. Instead of going to the grocery store, let your refrigerator do the ordering for you! Instead of going to the gym, let your Fitbit indicate how many calories you burned after a home workout and compare it to your past performances.

While this may sound super exciting, it’s best to use tempered judgment when buying smart home items, because there are a ton of unnecessary ones simply riding the wave of the fad. Like did you know there’s a smart trash can?? My trash can is something I don’t need talking back to me!

Anyway, the Infographic (above) produced by Nucleus, which is a home intercom system (and a “smart” one at that), details some of the more intriguing smart home developments.

I was especially drawn to Simplisafe, which is a new way of thinking about home security that you can check out here. Home security is one of the business sectors most ripe for disruption by the IoT phenomenon, because the old model is incredibly inefficient. Before, you needed a control panel somewhere in the house, which isn’t that helpful when a robber breaks in! Additionally, installation was costly. Simplisafe gives you the control panel on your phone and is less than a one hour setup. Thanks WiFi! 

Nucleus itself is an interesting concept, as it’s an upgraded communication mechanism. You get to interact with people instead of just speaking with them. You put one Nucleus device in each of the rooms you want to connect. So you might have one in your bedroom and one in your partner’s bedroom if you live in different cities. Then with the press of a button you can get a live stream of each other and have dinner together for example. There’s no unwieldy device to hold or interact with; it’s hands free.

The third device that really caught my attention was the Fisher-Price tool. Anyone with young children should look into this, because it rocks and cradles your child to get you a quick reprieve. Imagine the baby being soothed and put to sleep by a machine. Incredible! It’s like we’re living in the era of the Jetsons. 

I’m looking forward to the continuation of this trend, because there are many potential technologies like virtual reality and health tracking that IoT in the home can really assist with!

You can also place Aicool in your home to make your life smarter


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