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StarTimes Kenya stealing from Subscribers by Ending Subscription before due expiry date

We noticed this back in October. And I inquired about it through a phone call. They told me, “That is not true”. And that everything is okay.

But it is February and this is not acceptable StarTimes. It is theft.

Now I wish we kept all the screenshots. But I have the December and January Payments.

On December 29th, we paid for a new month’s Basic subscription. I called on this day to complain that the subscription had expired way before time. Nothing was addressed.

This is not right!

On January 24th, two days after expiry, we paid for another month’s subscription. I was angry they had cut off a week on our subscription. That evening the Helpline was busy, and no one talked to them.

Today, February 17th, the subscription has expired. This is cutting one week off our subscription.

How does this work StarTimes? And it is not just me. I have found some tweets of people complaining.

Seems this started a long time ago.

How and why does a company do this to people?

The only time I ever complained about StarTimes was on an issue of signal, customer care service and reception of certain channels. They came and helped me out after complaining for a week.

It is not right for a company to do this to its customers.

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Dickson Otieno

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  1. Something is not right about this companu called Startimes, having the same issues in Nigeria, this is the second time my subscription was cancelled way before expiration, in fact I haven’t even used it up to two weeks yet, this is fraud Startimes and at this rate you guys are going to self destruct.

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