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How the Dual Front Cameras on the Infinix S2 PRO Work

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So you’ve heard of phones that come with 2 back cameras. And that has been pretty normal.

Each company implements dual back cameras in a different way. TECNO uses their dual setup on the Phantom 6 for focus and blurring. Huawei uses their dual setup for colour and depth where one camera shoots in colour while the other is a monochrome lens.

But here we have the Infinix S2 PRO and things are a bit different and here, these are front cameras.

UPDATE: Sorry I, at first, wrongly stated the MP for the different lenses.

  • 8MP huge lens is for wide angle selfies called “Wefies”
  • 13MP smaller lens is for normal selfies

Here are the two Infinix S2 PRO lenses:

On the camera app interface, here’s how you switch:

Here’s an image captured by the 13MP lens:

Here’s an image captured by the 8MP lens:

13MP lens:

8MP lens:

You get the idea now.

So wefie, as funny and ridiculous as the name sounds, means you can have more people appearing in the group selfie photo.


Ease of Use - 100%
Speed of switch between lens - 90%
Camera Quality in Good Light - 90%
Camera Quality in Low Light - 80%


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