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Testing the Infinix S2 PRO 13MP back camera

The Infinix S2 PRO comes with a 13MP back camera with dual LED Flash. And to many people, that won’t stick out as something exciting at first. I also didn’t expect much of the back camera. But I’ve been using the phone for a while now, and the back camera deserves to be talked about. It is good.

So let’s break this post down into:

  • Still Images
  • Videos

The camera does a good job in both.

Still Images

Here’s the Camera Interface:

Infinix S2 PRO camera settings
Centre is the interface you get. Swipe from Left to get Capture Modes. Swipe from Right to get Settings

The usual Professional and PIP (Picture in Picture) mode are there. There’s also beauty and night mode. But I find normal mode is all you need for really good and easy photos.

Here are some samples taken quickly while walking/moving:




So yeah, it captures both detail and colour really well. The images are very good looking, even in low light.

Here’s an image captured in total darkness. The dual LED flash brightens up everything in a really good way:

Infinix S2 PRO
It is just the dual LED Flash here


Here’s the video interface:

Infinix S2 PRO
You can capture normal videos, Time-lapse videos and Slow-Motion videos.

I will be uploading the video samples on Youtube.com/dicksonotieno. Since the camera doesn’t have OIS built in, the videos are shaky if hand-held or when moving. But when you get it at one place or on a mobile tripod/selfie-stick you get really good videos.

You can capture:

  • Normal videos – upto 1080p Full HD
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Slow Motion videos

Will try and have a comprehensive video showing this soon, so subscribe. Even in low light the videos captured (with flash/not) are good.


What are your thoughts? I still haven’t accessed the Camon CX for a full review. And cannot compare…

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Where to Buy:

Quality of Images - 80%
Colours/Depth - 90%
Ease of Use - 99%
Low Light - 85%
Good Light - 90%


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  1. Hii ujinga ya Tecno na Infinix kutengeneza phones nzuri but processor crap. Most people don’t notice that. Hata wewe na wewe ni reviewer. Hiyo MTK ni A53, a very old architecture, it is cheap but very old. Tecno and Infinix should stop this processor race and put 2 A72 and 2 A53 processors thus a more powerful quad-core than that octacore which is so backward. Hiyo pesa ya 8 A53 inunue 2 A72. Ebu andika hivyo

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