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Wonder Woman Movie Review; Incredibly Underwhelming (but Funny)

I was pretty psyched up for Wonder Woman. It was the first time I was going to the cinemas for a DC movie. I always wait and watch months later when people have stopped talking about them. But this time round, the trailers were so good, and the hype was real. And so I went for the premier. But I was disappointed.

There are spoilers in this article. 

I am reading a lot of reviews, from big sites, commending the movie. Very good ratings and very good reception. And I am wondering, what’s it that I missed? What made the movie so good that I didn’t see? I am not a movie reviewer. I am only sharing my thoughts.

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I need you to know that prior to the movie, I knew nothing about Wonder Woman. I have seen her on Superman Vs Batman, and on Justice League cartoons while growing up and that’s all I knew. I didn’t know where she came from or her strengths/powers. And that’s why I so badly wanted to see this movie.


Both Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were impressive. They brought out all the scenes very well. And they deserve commendation. The CGI was also really good.


Yes the movie was funny. Really funny and we burst out laughing very many times.

Story line:

Here’s where there was a big problem. The story line is very weak. Incredibly weak that throughout the whole movie, one wanted to know what it was about. What was the major event? Was it a mini-flashback before the real events played out? When was the real event starting?

Why did Diana have to leave the island without knowing much? What was the “mother” hiding from her? Where was Zeus? Was Ares really controlling men’s hearts in the World War? Or was it what Wonder Woman wasn’t understanding about Men?

The origin story felt fake. The fighting reasons were weak. The reasons for being angry were fake. And the ultimate power or strength of Diana was never portrayed. What was Ares’ agenda? And for a powerful feminine figure, who happened to be the god-destroyer, why did she only get real angry and beat Ares because the love of her life (a man she only met a few hours ago) died?

Build up:

It took ages to understand what the movie was about. Especially with the expectations from the trailer. Sometimes the story was dragged so much.

Some characters weren’t well explained and one would wonder what they were doing.

In trying to link real world events with fiction, they failed. They didn’t portray the wars well, they wasted time in certain scenes. They war fronts looked really bad.

They could have done better. Because at the end of the movie I was asking myself, that was it? So she’s killed the God of War and it was all a flashback?

In conclusion, I really think Wonder Woman is a great and very powerful character and this movie didn’t bring that in her. Maybe it is just me.

How did you find the movie?

You need to know:

  • I am not against the movie in any way
  • I don’t know much about DC comics except for Superman
  • I didn’t like The Dark Knight that much
  • I really loved Man of Steel
  • I didn’t understand Batman vs Superman. But I really loved the Doomsday fight scene
  • I am a Marvel fan
  • I have nothing against DC comics.



  1. I agree with this review completely. I come at it from a different lens (I’ve been a Xena fan since the age of four, and a Wonder Woman fan since somewhere around that time). I think the lore/mythology for the Amazons was mucked up too much and not explained enough. Also, for the plot we got, the love story is entirely unnecessary and distracting. I would have also preferred Wonder Woman to have a distinct fighting style instead of just getting knocked over constantly. (I understand she’s a real-life Israeli army captain, but her hand-to-hand needs work in this movie.) Also, foolish heathens! Everyone knows who the one true Ares is:

  2. Well i finally watched it and i say it wasn’t bad at all. Possibly the best action movie I’ve watched in 2017 so far (i expect Transformers and Spider-man to be better).

  3. I’m going to watch it tonight. As always i keep my expectations low for DC movies. I’ll let you know of my opinion tomorrow. However regardless of what comes out, i don’t believe it can get any worse than Suicide Squad or BvS.

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