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Problems with the TECNO PhonePad 3

The PhonePad 3 is a good device. In my full review I told you people that I love and use it most as reading companion. I also, sometimes, use it for movies and YouTube as the bigger screen and agreeably loud speakers are a good thing to have for entertainment purposes.

But there are issues with the PhonePad 3 that I would like addressed next time TECNO releases the next PhonePad.

This is coming months later after reviewing the device as they’re minor issues that don’t really affect much of the user experience. You can read my post on things I love about the PhonePad 3.

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A phonepad basically is a 7 inch device that blurs the line between it being a tablet and it being a big phone.

Main Issues:

  • Orientation: Yes the Pad is meant to be used in portrait mode mostly, but it is such a big device holding it on one hand is impossible. And the side bezels don’t help with that as they’re too tiny to allow for room for a good hold in portrait mode. So you’re always in a dilemma on how to hold the device without accidentally touching the screen.
PhonePad 3 Tecno
The included case helps a lot with holding the device, without it, you suffer
  • Fingerprint: Yes there’s a fingerprint to the side. But to the same side there’s also the volume rockers, and the power button. This take up a lot of real estate making you constantly accidentally touch the fingerprint scanner. And whenever you touch it, there’s a haptic feedback which becomes annoying over time. Also the fingerprint can just jam sometimes, and you have to restart device.
  • OS Customisation: Like I said, this device is huge. As such, it should plainly be customized to run Android like a mini tablet. The way Alcatel 7 inch tablets are made. That will make usage more intuitive and less annoying. I really run into problems when I want to use the device on landscape mode.
  • Display: Please 720p resolution is mediocre. Make it full HD next time. I mean for reading purposes only 720p is okay, but for realistic entertainment and gaming, it just doesn’t do it. And if you make it 1080p, please add more battery juice.

Well that’s that.

The device is nicely slim, full metal, hasn’t scratched all this while, and still looks stunning.

You will, I repeat, love it for reading. And you can get it from Jumia.


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