Facebook brings together Kenyan Group leaders to foster new connections

With the aim of listening, learning and connecting, this community meetup forms part of Facebook’s ongoing drive to strengthen its ecosystem in Africa

Facebook hosted a gathering of group leaders from some of Kenya’s largest and most diverse Facebook Group communities, all representing a wide range of Groups from parenting to leisure, non-profit, and media.

With the aim of listening, learning and connecting, this community meetup forms part of Facebook’s ongoing drive to strengthen its ecosystem in Africa, and to help people share moments and insights that matter most to them. Facebook believes Group leaders play a vital role in this, with their passion and dedication in helping to foster, form and strengthen communities.

“More than 1 billion people use Facebook Groups each month,” says Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships. “More than 100 million of them belong to ‘meaningful communities’ – which are groups that quickly become one of the most important parts of their Facebook experience and an important part of their real-world support structure. Our aim is to help more Kenyans find and join such meaningful communities.”

Groups have become an increasingly popular part within the Facebook universe over the past few years. They are a place for people to share moments and a place to connect about the things that they care about. They bring people together in personal, practical and powerful ways, creating new communities and strengthening existing ones.

“Facebook Groups in Kenya range in focus from parenting and religious support communities to women in business to groups covering nearly every imaginable profession and hobby,” says Nunu Ntshingila, Regional Director, Facebook Africa. “We are thrilled to spend time with group leaders from Kenya to find out how we can do more to support them.”

Okaka Alfred of Group Kenya, one of the largest Kenyan groups with 2.4 million members, says: “We started our group as a place for Kenyans to re-share their posts and interact as a community. We have grown enormously over the years, with Groups helping to give a voice to ordinary Kenyans and sparking some great conversations. Groups mean that it isn’t just celebrities with massive followings who can be heard – it is everyone.”

Other group leaders involved in the day, included:

  • Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals – Founded by Pamellah Oduor, now has a community of 830,000 people who share a passion for cooking.
  • African Farmers Club – Founded by Noah Nasial – has 17,000 people discuss best practices in farming.
  • Friends of Nairobi National Park – Founded by Tanvir Ali – has a community of 17,000 people who care about conservation and the Nairobi National Park.
  • Human Needs Project (HNP) – Founded by Felix Osumo, is a private group that fosters collaboration between members of the HNP Centre.
  • Pregnant and Nursing Mums Support Group – Founded by Thitu Kariba, is a 150,000-strong group for new mothers and mothers-to-be.
  • Kenya Ice Hockey League – Founded by Benard Azegere, is all about inspiring people to take up the sport and providing a place for ice hockey fans and players to hang out.
  • Nairobi Expats Hiking and Travel – Founded by Shiku Waithaka, is a group for people who love hiking and other adventures.
  • Kibera Community Empowerment Organisation – Founded by Joshwa Tambo, aims to empower local residents in need.
  • What’s Good Studios – Founded by Tilo Ponder , is a community where around 2,500 youth and young adults from Kenyan cities engage with each other and great content.
  • SunCulture – Founded by Hannah Muricho, is a group for smallholder farmers and others who use SunCulture’s solar energy solutions.

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