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Rewind: The Top Trending YouTube Videos in Kenya that shaped 2017

YouTube Rewind Kenyan Edition

Every year YouTube releases REWIND to detail some of the videos that defined the year. The REWIND video reveals the top trending non-music videos and top music videos, according to time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking, and more. In them you get to see the content creators that defined the year.

In celebrating what Kenyans watched, shared, and created in 2017 year, YouTube has collated a list the most popular videos of the year. Below is a list of the top trending videos in Kenya in 2017 in two categories: music and non-music videos.

In the music category, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’, Willy Paul and Alaine’s – ‘I Do’, and Nyashinski’s ‘Malaika’ topped the list of trending music videos in Kenya. While in the non-music category, a video of Uhuru Kenyatta dancing, a CVS Nursery rhyme, and some of Eric Omondi‘s how-to’s videos topped the list.

Top 10 Music Videos of 2017 in Kenya:

Top 10 Non-music videos of 2017 in Kenya:

Willy Paul and Nyashinski are the only Kenyan artistes in the Top 10 Music videos Kenyans watched. Diamond and Harmonize from Tanzania also made it to the Top 10 music videos we watched this year. But the category was still dominated by foreign musicians.

In the non-music videos, Eric Omondi is the only content creator in Kenya or Africa to be in the Top 10 with 4 out of the 10 videos. Churchill Show’s tribute to Ayeiya made it to the top 10. And these two, Eric Omondi and Churchill show us that comedy is pretty big in Kenya. The second video on the list also hints at the fact that Kids in Kenya also make up quite a huge number of YouTube views in the country.

What did you expect to see on the list?


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