Infinix Movie Day allows you to get One Free Ticket every Sunday at Anga IMAX

If you have an Infinix device, you are lucky. Infinix has signed an exciting deal with ANGA IMAX where if you buy a ticket you’ll get one free ticket every Sunday.

The two year deal allows you to enjoy watching movies with one of your friends while paying for one ticket as you get the other ticket free. And this applies to any Infinix user. So as long as your phone is an Infinix device (make sure it isn’t fake) you can buy a ticket from ANGA IMAX any day of the week for a movie that’ll air on Sunday, show proof that your an Infinixer and redeem your free ticket on the movie day.

Infinix has been doing a good job building a community of users across the country. From active forums, Facebook groups to meetups bringing together fans, users and staff.

Such a strategy has helped the company a lot. And it is really exciting to see them going to even greater heights in a bid to keep its users.

Recently they announced the “Stay True Shooting Awards” that allow you as an Infinix Zero 5 User to win a trip to China, amongst other awards, if you submit really good pictures captured on the device.

Own an Infinix phone? Which one?

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