This is my main phone so I never felt the urge to write anything about it because I just wanted to enjoy using it as my phone and not as a device I am reviewing.

When I bought the OnePlus 5 a couple of weeks ago, I knew there was a 5T launching soon. I had seen the renders and really wanted to wait for it. But I told myself the 5 and the 5T would have no difference except for the screen ratio and so I picked the 5. It is true the OnePlus 5T and the 5 are similarly spec’d devices, so unless you want an 18:9 screen, you can just get the 5.

A day after buying, I started doubting my choice. I told myself I should have picked the LG G6 instead. A taller screen, with waterproof capabilities and wireless charging at a price similar to the OnePlus 5 made more sense, I thought. But after reading and watching a couple of reviews, I was convinced the OnePlus 5 is better, way better than the LG G6.

I have been using the OnePlus 5 for a while now, and this post is about my favourite things about the phone.

OnePLus 5


The headlining feature this year with the OnePlus 5 launch was the dual camera setup. I have loved taking photos using the OnePlus 5. It is snappy, the pictures are perfect. And the pro-mode is exciting.

I use this phone to take pictures of other phones I am reviewing. I use it to shoot videos on my YouTube channel. If you follow me across social media, you’ve seen the sample images I’ve been sharing.

Check out this video that’s wholly shot on the OnePlus 5 to see both video and picture samples:


I remember really disliking the fact that the OnePlus 5 had no Optical Image Stabilisation. But I got it when the update that enabled Electronic Image Stabilisation even on 4K video was already out. And this is the real deal. I have stitched up the video above (handheld) for your amazement. I don’t think there’s a phone that can boast of such incredible stabilisation.


I am in luck to have both the OnePlus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both have 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage, and a 3300mAh battery. That has given me a really good time testing out different things.

The OnePlus 5 has the best battery hands down between the two. And that’s kind of expected. It is quite encouraging to be sure the phone won’t die on me whether on 4G or on WiFi.

Dash Charging

For those who think Wireless Charging is something, you’re wrong. Dash charging is the thing. And this has been said all over by everyone, but I’ll say it again, this is the fastest fast charging phone on earth.

I have grown confident with this device to an extent I can use it up to even 1% without fearing as Dash Charging will fill it up for me in record time. Wake up with 10%, shower, have breakfast, leave house with 98%, last the whole day.

OnePLus 5


You’ve all seen the benchmarks where the OnePlus beats all competition. But you’ll only appreciate the speed and smoothness of Android on this device when you get to use one for yourself.

At first I thought OnePlus was tricking our eyes by just doing away with animations. But even without animations, phones lag. This one doesn’t. Phones heat up, this one doesn’t. Phones get slow with usage and with more installs and downloads, this one hasn’t.


This is the only phone I have used without applying a custom launcher. I usually slap Nova Launcher on top of every device I use. Being close to stock Android, this device doesn’t need that.

Customisations on OxygenOS are amazing. I particularly love the power I get with my audio on earphones where I can tweak the sound to something I will particularly love. Or tweak it depending on the headphones I have.

Though I haven’t used the onscreen keys, having that option is great for people who’re into that. I like that my Status bar can be tweaked to look how I want it to by removing all the unnecessary icons.

The built in data controls are really ingenious. Being able to control what app uses what connection be it data or WiFi, and being able to regulate background data per app is really cool and quite easy on the OnePlus 5.

Some other things I’ve really enjoyed on the device are:

  • Being able to change accent colours for the phone,
  • Holding phone up any time to see time and notifications (which is better than Alway ON displays)
  • and above all GESTURES.


Many device have gestures shortcuts for different things. The OnePlus 5 does this really well, the response is immediate and accurate.

I use the music controls with my screen off to play, pause, skip track or go back. And this works with all music players I’ve tested from Play Music, Apple Music and Deezer.

Though there’re more options for different gestures, I set mine to draw V for the flashlight, leaving the other gestures blank.

OnePLus 5

Alert Slider:

I initially felt like this was just a blatant copy from Apple. Being able to slide between Silent, Don’t disturb and Ring mode sounded like something only the volume buttons should be left to do. But I have found myself really like this feature on this phone.

I walk in to a meeting and slide to Don’t Disturb mode for vibrations only. I walk in to church and slide to silent mode. Perfect.


This is the fastest fingerprint scanner I’ve used. The thing I have loved most is being able to double tap on it to switch off display.

I want to write my review of this device when Android 8 drops in the next few weeks/days. It will be a completely new device in my imagination. But what I can’t wait for is the Face unlock feature which I am sure I won’t be able to shut up about.

What are your thoughts about this device?

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