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Infinix Zero 5 Receives Significant Software Updates to Better the Camera

The Infinix Zero 5 has received an OTA update to help make the cameras better in certain categories where there have been issues. I saw this on my device a couple of hours ago and thought I should make this post for all those who may have been having some of the issues has addressed with this update.

Infinix is know for sending out updates and the Infinix Zero 5 is assured of one free upgrade to Android Oreo once the timeframe for that arrives. This is something many companies still fail at and it is encouraging to see them deal with issues other companies would instead just ignore.

I have just installed the update so I can’t quite tell how good the changes are, but I will update you in my full review in the coming days.

So here is a breakdown of some of the things Infinix is looking to address with the software update:

  • In low light there’s a lot of noise when you’re using the viewfinder or when focusing on the subject. This update seeks to help out with that. And hopefully, this will also reduce the noise in the final picture you take.
  • Night Mode has had issues. Sometimes, I noticed the camera can auto-switch to night mode when it thinks the lighting is low.  This has been addressed hopefully.
  • If you take “pro” photos you may have noticed that in manual mode the brightness when Auto-exposure is set had issues. This is listed as one of the fixes.
  • Camera accidentally going into sleep mode when recording video has also been fixed.
  • And also if you had instances where the camera application refused to open completely, this has been fixed.

Infinix Zero 5

Some other fixes that come with this update are:

  • If your System UI auto crashed sometimes, this update wants to solve that
  • If you tried using the flashlight and device turned off due to low battery, this has helped with that.

You can expect my review (which I’m going to update to include the new changes) before week ends. I have been using the Infinix Zero 5 for quite a while and it is a really nice device, almost all round.

If you want to know more about it read My Favourite Things about the Infinix Zero 5. And if you have any issues, questions or concerns, share in the comment sections.



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