One of the biggest challenges for Faiba 4G is that most phones don’t support their network. Many of us are probably locked out with our phones, no matter how new or old the device is. This article helps with knowing if your phone is good to go with the Faiba 4G sim card.

Even if your phone already supports the required band, another major issue it that very few phones (currently only limited to Nokia devices) support Faiba 4G VoLTE. Which if you hadn’t thought of it means you cannot dial up or access USSD.

Therefore, you’ll have a challenge loading airtime, buying bundles, checking balance or doing anything with your SIM card. Meaning you need to find a way to do all these things.

I got myself a Faiba SIM card finally. And it was the most stressful thing finding the Luthuli Avenue Agent they’d shared on Twitter. Plus they charged me for the SIM Card saying they’re an agent and that was their way of getting money. And the price is steep.

Anyway, it was after having the SIM card on my phone that I realized it is going to be a challenge to load airtime, buy bundles and etc since I couldn’t dial anything on the device. Also, the internet wouldn’t connect and there was no way of receiving internet settings like on most networks.

I saw there were no APN settings by default so I added the following from Faiba’s website. You’ll need to add APN if your phone doesn’t auto pick or you can’t access data after buying your SIM card.

Faiba 4G DATA APN Settings:

Name: Faiba4G


APN Type: default

MCC: 639

MNC: 10

Leave the reset settings blank.

But if for example you have a Nokia Smartphone that supports Faiba VoLTE, then add the following APN for voice support.

Faiba 4G Voice APN Settings:

Name: ims

APN: ims

APN type: ims

MCC: 639

MNC: 10

With voice support you can use the USSD short codes for Faiba to access data balance, top up etc. Here are some of those short codes.

Faiba 4G USSD Short Codes

  • *111# – Main Menu with all services
  • *130# – Display your phone number
  • *131# – Account balance
  • *544# – buying bundles
  • *140# – transferring airtime between Faiba4G customers
  • 100 – Customer care.

I had been following the Faiba account on Twitter, so I knew there was a selfcare portal that was meant to help with loading airtime or buying bundles. After buying my SIM Card the site wasn’t accessible. It became accessible hours later, and still it wouldn’t pick my phone number automatically. So I downloaded the Faiba App and that wouldn’t work too. I was sort of stressed.

I had chosen to have my Safaricom number become my Faiba number (with the Faiba Prefix) and got myself the 25GB bundle option. The internet was working alright, and everything was fine, but I was concerned on how I would top up later.

I think the issue, looking back now was that my phone number hadn’t been registered or added to their list or whatever. Because everything is now running fine.

I can access the app and the selfcare portal for recharge and for getting new bundles. So if you just got your SIM card, be patient.

How to top up Airtime on Faiba:

  • Go to or Android app
  • It will pick up your number and give you MPESA details
  • Go to MPESA
  • Paybill 776611
  • Account number: your phone number
  • Amount: Your airtime

How to buy bundles on Faiba:

  • Go to or Android app
  • Select buy bundles
  • Choose an option based on what you want and on your Airtime

How to check bundle balance on Faiba:

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see your airtime and bundle balance
  • OR
  • Go to Android App
  • Click Check balance

There you go. Do you have a Faiba line?

No they don’t yet cover the whole country, and yes they will have a huge problem growing because they lack agents, their service isn’t easy to understand and they don’t seem keen on covering more ground across Kenya.


  1. It’s been days now I can’t check my data bal, also can not buy airtime.. it keeps telling me error,, what’s happening??

  2. My faiba sim card is exclusively used for internet and is in my Faiba mi-fi. How do I check for my faiba data balance using safaricom line since it is the platform I shall be using to buy faiba bundles through M-pesa?

  3. Hey I bought my faiba simcard and it’s been over 24 hrs and it’s just reading emergency calls only but the network bar is full anyone help

  4. I have a Faiba modem.l have plugged it into the computer and it’s responding but when I connect to the internet it says there is no connection to the internet and phone also.

  5. I have a Faiba modem . I have plugged it into my computer and it’s responding but when I connect to the internet it says that there is no connection

  6. Hi.can you please give me the unlocking code for My faiba MF927u zte mifi router. I bought it last year and the place I moved too there is no Faina network

  7. I have a 4G router and a smart phone but the sim wount work on both I have used the router with local sim and international sim it works well but it doesn’t work with jtl sim

    • The faiba sim card doesn’t work on all 4G routers and all smartphones. Just specific 4G LTE enabled smartphones and routers. Hit their website and get more details on the compatible devices

  8. I have a samsung galaxy core prime but it does not support a faiba sim card, i have tried four phones now but still no results with the faiba recharge bundles staff

  9. Must one have the Faiba 4G line in the phone to access the selfcare portal or use their app when reloading airtime & buying bundles or can I do that while using a different provider and just log into my Faiba phone no/account? Please elaborate.

    • No. Data


      Ksh 50

      1 day



      Ksh 300

      7 days



      Ksh 500

      7 days



      Ksh 1,000

      30 days



      Ksh 2,000

      30 days



      Ksh 3,000

      30 days



      Ksh 4,000

      30 days



      Ksh 6,000

      30 days

  10. I have a Nokia 5. I tried the APN settings for VoLTE and they did not work. Faiba on twitter said I needed a firmware upgrade from Nokia I think and they were willing to walk me through it. But I declined cause I don’t want upgrades on my device.


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