Faiba 4G’s Wonder Phone comes with Google Assistant, Free Calls for KES. 2,999

If you’re in the market for an ultra-affordable phone, there are many options currently. You can either go with Safaricom’s Neon’s series of 4G smartphones, or with iTel Kenya’s series of affordable devices, or even the Nokia ultra-budget devices. The only issue with most of these already mentioned is that they can be above your budget. Or maybe they’re just not in the form factor you want. Maybe you just want a feature phone with a T9 keyboard.

Faiba 4G is offering something they call the Wonder Phone for KES. 2,999 (Link to buy: It is a semi-smart feature phone. Why? Because it runs the new popular OS for feature phones called KaiOS. If you’re into reading about tech, you’ve definitely already heard about KaiOS.

If you haven’t yet, well it is an operating system based on Linux that features baked-in support for 4G, VoLTE, GPS and Wi-Fi. The apps are HTML5-based, the interface is well optimized, memory requirements are low, and so is the energy consumption. KaiOS devices aren’t dumb. You can access apps and websites. But of course, the standout feature is access to Google services like Maps, and the Google Assistant.

In Kenya, TECNO and Nokia already have feature phones running the OS. Although it may seem like these aren’t popular devices to some people, in India KaiOS devices are already second place in market share, beating Apple’s iOS. Google has invested over $20 Million in the project, meaning they’re betting it’ll be a big thing.

The Faiba 4G Wonder Phone appears to one of the different KaiOS devices that are open for rebranding and reselling in different markets.

Faiba 4G Wonder Phone Specifications:
Logo at the back looks like an inverted Xiaomi logo

You get a dual SIM phone with 4GB storage, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi Support, with a 1400mAh battery.

The Faiba 4G network is a 4G only network that requires phones that support 4G VOLTE specifically tuned for LTE Band 28. That’s why many of the smartphones sold in Kenya don’t support the network. A couple of reasons to pick up this new offering from the company include:

  1. Being able to make calls – Faiba to Faiba calls will be free. Would be so good if everyone at home has one so that you communicate free.
  2. Use the phone as a hotspot point to tether to other devices. A better option than getting a Faiba 4G MiFi?
  3. As a secondary device for when you don’t want to have your smartphone. It is a Dual SIM device remember, you can use other SIM cards too.

However, the Faiba 4G network is not available everywhere. Most parts of Kenya are yet to be covered meaning before you get this device, you need to check if you live in an area where you’ll get coverage.

Faiba 4G Wonder Phone Specifications:

PriceKES. 2,999
Rear Camera
RAM and Storage4GB Storage with 512MB RAM
Operating SystemKaiOS


  1. Thanks for the article, quick question, does wonder phone’s SIM 2 slot support 4G as well, or is it restricted to 2G like the telkom kaduda?

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