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#My2cents: Flea market fever

I attended an investment event recently, and the main speaker explained how we are in a golden age of events. Kenyan youth love the vibes and image they throw on the gram thus a sudden surge in the number of events happening per month. Which brings me to the topic at hand.

Gone are the days where one had to cram the Maasai market schedule in order to access locally made merchandise! A few markets worth mentioning are the

  • K1 flea market,
  • Asenka flea market,
  • Kilimani Street festival,
  • Thrift Social which are recurrent and pull diverse crowds.


One advantage is obviously the chance granted to brands that don’t have a physical shop to display their items and hopefully interact with a few new clients.

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Another beautiful benefit is that the vendors also get a chance to network amongst themselves which I have discovered is quite essential in business. However, sadly with all good things crawls in rot trying to dampen our mood.

Red flags

Some flea markets are only focused in bringing in vendors and not the crowd itself which leads to cases of failing to break even or attracting the wrong crowd.

I do commend events that curate merchandise to prevent a situation of 5 vendors of the same niche. However, don’t have a stick where the sun doesn’t shine and restrict brands in a dictatorial manner.


I heard an interesting story of how a lady would attend some markets, buy a few items only to go sell them outside the premises of the flea market. I mean what nerve…?

Kenyans are champions when it comes to copy pasting which means an influx of flea markets has your once  unique idea spreading like wild fire! I could go on and on but you get the point.


To the vendors; protect your IP, maybe avoid making your merchandise on site, add a little mystery, bounce off questions and if anyone wants to learn how to do what you do…charge them! You are not a charity!

To event organisers; try give quality for the vending fee you state. Work with the vendors as you do with artists on soundchecks. It’s important so as to have them refer and keep coming back.


I’ve been planning a Craft Fair for the 21st of April. Flea markets have so many details and expectations but in the long run staying true to the initial vision is what matters. Would love to take a moment to invite you, tickets are available here. 

Maybe you could point out if we made the mistake of repeating all that i have ranted against.

Feel free to share what you love most about flea markets..



  1. Very vaild concerns, one thing I love about the market is the unique prodcuts that are mostly crafted and are on sale, giving one a chance to own “a piece of gold”. Copy pasting of products and stealing of IPs are really a pain in the ass, most times. Just visit the next craft fair/flea-market days and see replica of your goods being sold there with a reckless abandon, even diminishing your creative acumen.

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