Avengers Infinity War Review: More than I expected

As requested from weeks ago under hashtag #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, I won’t be one of those people who spoil the movie for you. Go watch it. It opens today.

I know there will be many discussions about this movie in the coming days after more people get to watch it. And maybe then will we all be free to discuss the events that unfold in what I am confidently calling the best Marvel movie to date.

If you’ve watched Thor Ragnarok, the movie kicks off directly from where Rangnarok ended. There’s no wait or build up, you’re in from the first minute. And, at least for me, throughout the movie, there’s not a single moment where I felt the story drag. For the 2hrs 40mins the movie runs, I was glued to the screen.

People often argue against Marvel Villains. I am waiting to see what they say about this movie’s villain. What you should know is that this movie is basically Thanos’. The villian takes centre stage from the onset. It is his movie. And you get to understand that he’s not just a big purple bad guy who wants the power of the Infinity Stones.

Thanos believes it is only he who see that the universe needs balance. Everyone else is blinded: In a universe of finite resources, we can’t have so many living. We get to see the soft side of Thanos, a creature with ambition, but also with ability to love and cry.

With so many characters in this film, I thought it would be a problem bringing everyone on screen and giving them fair screen time. I thought it would be challenging handling different story angles and that there would be plot holes. Funny though, the movie flows perfectly. Each character gets to shine in their own way. The movie explores all their strengths and loves. And the humor we are used to is also not lost at all.

I bet you, you’ll laugh more in this movie than you have in previous MCU films. The Guardians interactions with Thor. Dr. Strange and Iron man and their egos. Star Lord and Iron Man. Spider man with everything that’s happening. Bruce Banner’s interactions with his alter ego, and many more.

But the fact that there’s humour should not make you think this movie isn’t dark. It is most easily the darkest Marvel movie to date. Probably more darker than the first Thor movies. And all the darkness is justified as the plot the story is exploring needs such darkness. It is darkness that’s not just evil but also sad, though justified from the view of the villain who’s presented differently than I expected. And I can assure you some people will cry in the theatre.

Exploring different arcs of a story while having many characters at once should be challenging. But the Russo brothers make it seem easy with Infinity War. It is a story that captures you attention at once and flows easily, making everything that goes on, no matter how crazy it may be seem, realistic. Things happen as they do in real life, accidentally. Choices are made very quickly, and plans are changed as fast as they were agreed upon. It is a war, and wars are crazy.

I have a feeling if you don’t concentrate you may get lost as so much information is passed on very quickly in fast conversations or between fight scenes.

As a culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they did a good job. You’ll walk out of the cinema happy, confused, entertained, and crazy. I cannot wait for Avengers Part 4 which is one year away!

Disclaimer: Don’t watch this movie with loud people as they’ll be screaming and shouting, or crying, all through.

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