Thursday, January 27, 2022

It’s officially Android 9 Pie

You know the way many people were all so sure it would be Lollipop and it was, then Nougat surprised us, then we all knew it would be Oreo? Well, to everyone who expected it to be Peppermint, you were wrong. Google went with Android Pie. And I’m wondering why I never thought of Pie.

If you have a Google Pixel, Android Pie is now available. The official update will drop in the coming weeks for other devices. So for the rest of us, we have to wait. Sorry Samsung owners, it’ll take years to get to you. But if you have an Android One device, the update will come much faster than ever before as Google tries to fight fragmentation.

Update: The Essential Phone becomes the first non-Google device to get a new official version of Android on launch.

Early this year many devices from Xiaomi, Nokia, OnePlus, Vivo, SONY etc., got Android Pie Beta on their phones and will definitely also be receiving the official final update in the coming weeks. Google has confirmed that phones that were on Android P Beta program and Android One devices will be first to get Android Pie.

I’m glad I have the Infinix Note 5 which is an Android One device, and I hope it receives Android 9 fast enough.

I don’t know why I keep calling it Android Apple Pie haha…

Some of the exciting new features expected with Android 9 Pie include:

  • Adaptive Battery
  • App timers
  • the Digital Well-being dashboard to “help” you take control of the time you waste being addicted to your smartphone – this will not be available on launch, and will come in the future.
  • AI improvements to the User Interface
  • the new gesture navigations
  • And support for notched smartphones

What did you expect? Which phone do you own and do you think it’ll ever receive Android 9? Check out more at


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