Killing Inbox by Gmail is a terrible idea Google

Launched back in October of 2014, Inbox by Gmail has been to me, and over 10 million others, the best emailing experience. I’ve said this many times before on Twitter, and on this blog, and it is a sad thing that Google plans to kill the service come end of March 2019.

I started using the app very early while people were getting invites and since then, it is my default means of organising my life. I love having a clean inbox, and knowing that there’s nothing I’ve left out.

When the app launched, I remember trying hard to get an invite to try it out.

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And then I received and invite, and there was a learning curve.

And after two years of continued use, I wrote this:

Inbox by Gmail is the Best thing to Happen to Email

Unless there’s been a data breach of some sorts, unless there’s a privacy issue somewhere, unless something is broken and our data was being mined, it makes no sense to kill the amazing app.

No client can match the experience Inbox by Gmail has offered us for the past 4 years. Back in August, in my unending crusade to move more people over to Inbox, I tried going back to Gmail, and it looked very different and weird. I couldn’t remember my way around

I don’t understand how or why Google wants us to re-learn Gmail. I don’t understand this message Google.

Please don’t kill Inbox by Gmail.


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