Thursday, January 27, 2022

Inbox by Gmail is the Best thing to Happen to Email

I remember long ago when Inbox by Gmail launched and it was invite only. And I badly wanted an invite. You had to first have it as an app on your phone before you could use it on the desktop. Plus you had like 5 invites to dish out to people. I felt like selling invites at a cost. LOL.

For you who don’t know Inbox by Gmail is just that. A mail client by Gmail to make emailing more fun. And it sure does!


On Inbox by Gmail you get 3 three classes:

  • Inbox
  • Snoozed
  • Done

The inbox class is the main class. Here you get your unread mails, mails you have read but haven’t clicked as done, pinned mails and reminders from Google Keep.

The Snoozed class contains mails you have set to be reminded about at a later time or date. They will appear as a notification on your phone or above the rest on Inbox when their time arrives.

The Done class contains emails you are done with literally.

Inbox by GMail on Android
Courtesy: GSMArena


There’s also something called bundling. Like you get the normal bundles you have on normal Gmail. That is Social, Updates, Forums and Promos. But you also get Trips (for travel emails), Saved (for things you’ve saved to Inbox), Purchases and Finance.

There are also automated bundles like Subscriptions from magazines or online Websites. These are autocategorised together so you can see all of them at once. Pretty nice.

Best thing:

However the best thing about Inbox by Gmail is the suggested replies. Like when you have an email and have read it, down below you’ll find 3 suggested replies. And they’re pretty accurate.

This is because Inbox by Gmail goes through your mails and understands the words in the mail to come up with an accurate reply. So you can just choose a reply and you’re sorted. No need to type.

And I say this is the best thing since it has helped me so much in replying to my mails. I usually found myself ignoring mails when using Gmail. But with this…

Inbox by GMAIL
When you’re done with emails you Swipe


There’s never been a mailing client that worked for me. But Inbox by Gmail is really dope. And I feel like it is the future of Gmail.

Some people felt it too cluttered and hard to understand when I recommended it to them. I did too at first. But slowly I got to understand how to go around it and came to appreciate the genius behind it all.

You can try it out by getting the app from Play Store.



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