Twitter for Android Receives ‘Sparkle Button’ for Chronological Timeline

Many people seem to hate the ‘Best Tweets First’ thing that Twitter did some time back. And Twitter late last year announced some sparkle button thingy that would allow you to choose how your want your Twitter experience to be: either chronological where you see tweets as they happen, or the other way where you’ll see top tweets first.

It was only in iOS, but after updating my Android App today, I am now able to choose my experience.

Twitter Sparkle Android

Real time tweets make more sense for many people as that’s what the social site is about: real time events around the world. And as such, for me, this is a welcome move. For Twitter, this will hopefully increase people’s engagement with content on the site, and maybe make more people love Twitter for Android over other third-party apps.

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What timeline do you prefer? Algorithms or real time?


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