Xiaomi’s Foldable Concept Looks Much Better than every other Foldable we’ve seen

Seems like foldables will be a thing in the coming future. Whether or not we want them, companies seem to want to make tablets that can be folded into smartphones. And if they do a good job, we will definitely be buying them soon enough.

The first foldable device already available for consumers is the Royale FlexPai that looks all sorts of weird. But it packs 2019 specs, and would be a great device without the folding mechanism that still looks sort of gimmicky.

Royole FlexPai bend

Samsung is also working on a foldable phone. They teased it some time back, and I remember despite not loving the fact that this isn’t something people really care about, their concept of opening your device like a book seemed cool.

Samsung Foldable Galaxy X

Xiaomi has today teased their upcoming foldable. And theirs looks like a really good concept. I don’t know if it the fact that the video is well done and makes the device look ready, or it is just that this was so unexpected. Check the video here:

Google also recently announced that Android will be supporting foldables natively. So this is a thing that’s happening. Your device will be both a phone and a tablet in the coming future. Meaning it will be thicker than now, and probably won’t fit your normal pocket. But then there’ll be a race to make them thinner and better, and maybe it won’t be that bad after that. What are your thoughts?

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