Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is why I am never using Google Chrome on PC

Back in December, Microsoft announced plans to ‘make the web better through open source collaboration’. And the first step towards that was adopting the Chromium Open Source project – Google’s web browser project – into the building of the new Microsoft Edge. This was big news, and many of us waited for the new Edge.

Being based on Chromium meant a lot of new possibilities:

  • The new browser would be way better than the current Microsoft Edge
  • It would support all of Chrome Plugins – and many of us can’t imagine a new browser if it lacks such plugins.
  • Greater compatibility for many more things for both users, and developers.
  • A better web with everything being better aligned

But not only did this move by Microsoft open up a new world for their Recommended Browser, it also opened up new possibilities for other browsers, on PC and other devices, that are based on the Chromium project. Basically, Microsoft coming in meant everyone was standing to benefit from what it would contribute to the open source project.

More than 3 weeks ago, I installed the Dev Channel for the new Microsoft Edge, and I don’t think I am ever going back to Google Chrome. The Beta Channel hasn’t yet opened up, so the app I am using isn’t even at the Beta-level of development, but I don’t think there’s any reason for that, because it is so smooth, things work perfectly. Though it still receives weekly updates – of which I do nothing but restart the app.

What I like so far:

  • The weekly updates are consistent, and there’s a log of what’s been updated, and what is to be expected in the next week.
  • All issues/problems that you could face are outlined – I haven’t faced any

A blend of the Chrome we were used to, and the Edge that comes with Windows makes this browser so good;

  • It is fast and very responsive
  • Scrolling is very smooth – something Google Chrome had issues with
  • Less resource intensive – on Chrome, with my laptop, I would get the fan kicking in very often than I do currently with this new Edge.
  • Plus there’s more features coming soon…
8 ways in which Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is better than Google Chrome
8 ways in which Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is better than Google Chrome – Read here

I like that Microsoft is working thoroughly on this project, and that I can feel it every week. When I first installed the browser, syncing wasn’t possible, I don’t think I could cast and slowly these have been added.

In the coming weeks, there’ll be a dark mode that works in tandem with the system wide theme: so you don’t have to change your browser to dark mode after enabling Windows dark mode. There will also be inbuilt translations, and something I really liked on the default Edge that’s yet to be added on Chromium Edge: Reading View.

Unlike the past, Microsoft Edge updates won’t be coming through Cumulative Updates, no. They will be delivered more frequently, and directly on the app. The new Edge will not be exclusive to Windows 10 only, it’ll be on all devices including Macs. And that’s a great thing if you think on the future of Windows, and syncing. Being able to move from your Android phone to your PC or Mac and finding everything there ready for you is a future I want to hop on.

Try out the new Edge if interested. Or just wait for the official app to go live. The only thing I am tired of is that I currently have two Edge apps – official one, and this Dev channel one.

Microsoft’s work on the Chromium project stands to benefit all browsers that are part of the project. That includes Google Chrome, Opera Browser etc. Hopefully this works out better for Microsoft, because they risk making Chrome get more users rather than helping Edge. 


  1. Typical user response. Users want what they want, but they are NOT technical. ecosystem has what EXACTLY to do with a browser? nothing. Chromium.. yes Chrome and Edge are Chromium, so if Edge has lower memory, better performance AND that translates to a better experience overall.. obviously Edge.. er.. edges out.. Chrome then doesn’t it??!?! self evident that its better. So not much of a stand. So if you compare Chevy vs Ford, and one is better with reliability and customer satisfaction, tell me what’s important? Branding or customer experience.. sounds like some people are getting all up in arms about sensitivities because something is better than … shutter the thought.. what they LIKE!!! Wow. I work in IT. I have used Chrome for YEARS, grew up on Microsoft since Windows 3.0 and the ‘DOS’ days.. so I am WELL educated on the Microsoft ‘ecosystem’ and I LOATHE MS IE (internet explorer), even now when Edge is in BETA. IT is still horrid. Edge has made my day better and faster. I purposely installed a fresh Windows 10 (latest build) and did NOT install Chrome, because I ASSUMED Edge would be dumped in a day, 2 hours TOPS! Boy was I wrong. After a week.. I really do NOT miss a thing about Chrome, nothing. Edge works so well, I actually forgot I wasn’t using Chrome.. I imported my settings, installed mostly the add-ons (most I as it turns out, I wasn’t using at all) and a few add-ons I thought I would miss I do not. Edge really has improved and is the leading browser, BETA status in tact.

    TL:DR – Edge has replaced Chrome for the Windows desktop. Doesn’t matter what platform you have the ONLY thing that matters is Windows. Fact is Windows is used 90% world wide (google it) on billions of computers, so other OS platforms you can’t get the same UI anyway, the only thing that matters is experience to the end user. Don’t take my word for it, TRY Edge beta, it might just change your mind. I like it, and have ZERO plans to return to Chrome.

    1. I was with you RIGHT until you said ‘google it’, and then it became obvious again, that Google (Chrome’s author) is superior, as far as understanding what I am looking for; And with that vast quantifiable data, they can more easily action improvements, as is obvious with Chrome. Microsoft is now, and will remain second best in at-least this market until they discern a way to provide what users want;
      NOTE that this is perhaps a necessary distinction to make, because Microsoft is a corporate entity, and has far more interest invested in the corporate world, and Google is a much more consumer appreciable enterprise.

  2. I guess its all in what ecosystem you want to live in. Are you a Google user or a Microsoft person? Personally I grew up on Microsoft products long before Google was a thing. I have used Chrome prior to Edge Chromium but have since switch completely to Edge Chromium. I never used Google products anyway, don’t have a Google account and Chrome was just a good browser so that’s what I used. Firefox for a time was pretty good but after their Quantum release I was not so impressed. Its obviously a positive to have two big companies developing Chromium and using it in their own browser unique to their ecosystem. I think that helps web compatibility and will make development of the web easier. Sorry Mozilla but Firefox appears to be the oddity browser destine for obscurity.

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