‘Sign in with Apple’ is another reason to quit Android

In matters privacy, Apple has proved to be the most serious company in keeping user data private. While other companies are building around getting more data from the user, Apple has continuously announced services and solutions that give its customers a better smart experience that’s also more private. And its biggest announcement for me, an Android User, is today’s ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature. I love it!

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about Google listening to me and recommending a YouTube video based on a conversation with a friend. In that same week, I wrote about /e/ OS that’s providing a future of Android that’s more private and doesn’t rely on Google Services. In both posts, the issue was around privacy and data: the argument being we give so much of our personal information to Google and to Facebook, which they use to track us with ads, etc. 

With ‘Sign in with Apple‘, Apple is changing how iOS users sign in to Apps that often use buttons like ‘Sign in with Google’ and ‘Sign in with Facebook’. Instead of these buttons, users will be getting the ‘Sign in with Apple’ Button that will log in with FaceID without sending personal information to the apps.

In case these apps require personal information like your email address, users will be able to choose whether to share their personal email addresses with the app, or hide it. When users choose to hide their mail, there will be a random address generated by the phone which will be shared by the app, and the random address will then forward emails sent by the app to the user’s official email address. So the app will never get the users personal email address – something we all hate.

The random addresses part is what got me. I want that (but I am on Android). I want such privacy especially when you remember the fact that Facebook tracks you even when you leave the app. Meaning even if you don’t have the app, when you use it to sign in to apps, it’ll probably start tracking you. This solution by Apple, means you can have a life that’s free of Google and Facebook tracking. How it will work with apps people are already signed up for, and how iPhone users will take it up is what I am looking forward to seeing. Also, this is one more reason many privacy-minded people will be looking to quit Android forever. Can Google manage something that assures users of privacy like this?

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