Google launches ‘Gallery Go’ a 10MB offline Google Photos Alternative

If you’ve ever used an Android One device, you must have noticed the lack of a Gallery App. You definitely have been forced to either download a third party app, or use Google Photos as your gallery app.

Google has just announced a new app called “Gallery Go”. It is from the Google Photos team, and is supposed to offer an alternative “liter” app for people who either just want a Gallery App with simple editing features, OR don’t want or cannot upload their photos to the cloud.

The GO APPS have some things in common: like Android GO, they are

  • targeted at low specd phones – hence being small in size, and not requiring a lot of performance power
  • targeted at people who want online alternatives, or for people in slow internet areas – for example, if you don’t want to upload your photos to Google Photos, or if the data costs are high etc.

Gallery Go will organise your pictures into selfies, food, animals etc. All this will be done offline apparently. This shows how effective Google AI is getting with pictures. That all that can be done offline on a 10MB app without having to send data back and forth between the Google Cloud and your phone probably points to the already teased “Next Gen Assistant” being pretty mind blowing.

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