You can now send your parcels using Safeboda in Kenya. Of course this only works in areas where Safeboda is available. Make sure your app is updated to access the new feature.

How to send stuff using Safeboda:

  • Open app, and choose send option
  • Input delivery destination
  • Add recipient’s contact details: Name and Phone number
  • Enter package details e.g. Clothes, Glasses, Phone etc.
  • Add extra delivery instructions e.g 1st Floor
  • Enter Pickup details i.e your name, number and location
  • Payment: Cashless ONLY
  • Place request for a rider, or pair with a rider nearby.
Safeboda Kenya introduces “Send” options for parcels

I wonder why Safeboda has made cashless the only option for deliveries. It means you’ll have to top up your wallet before sending something. Anyways, when you think of it, perhaps this is a measure to ensure rider delivers your items before getting paid. This assures you that whatever you’re sending will get to the destination in good condition.

Note: Safeboda says items to be transported must not exceed 15kgs and MUST FIT on the motorcycle.

When they entered the Kenyan market, Safeboda made a statement with their unique approach to motorcycles. From the numbering of all their riders, to the inclusion of a digital wallet that gives you offers, to the idea of paring with a rider and much more.

Back in June I wrote about their unmatched convenience:

What are your thoughts on a delivery option being included? Do you see yourself using it?


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