Sunday, January 23, 2022

Huawei handed another 90 days reprieve by U.S. Government

The full Huawei ban was to come into effect today following the expiry of the reprieve given three months ago. Well, the uncertainty of everything is now extended by another 90 days with US Commerce Secretary confirming the ban will NOT come into effect for another 90 days. This extra grace period, the U.S. government says, is being given so that rural communications companies get extra time to switch their equipment from products made by Huawei.

The new reprieve is expected to end in November. But I am betting something serious – perhaps an agreement, or just full blown bans will be coming left-right from either country by then.

We have together with a couple of bloggers discussed the Huawei ban which you should listen to here:

The said rural companies that are yet to switch their equipment from Huawei devices, plus any other companies being forced to switch are having to folk out money they didn’t intend on spending to buy more expensive equipment. Huawei has been the affordable option for many companies.

With the new reprieve it seems Huawei, like with the previous reprieve, can continue trading with Google, and other companies. Though this remains uncertain as on Sunday, Trump said Huawei was a company they may never do business with again.

Companies in the U.S. that want to trade with Huawei, require a special license from the government, through the Commerce Department. However, no company has received a licence yet. These licences are supposed to be issued in cases where there’s no threat to U.S. Security.

Huawei has continuously termed the ban, and the continued harassment as being politically motivated, and having nothing to do with America’s security.


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