Apple may launch 5 iPhones in 2020

Reports, or rumors, suggest Apple may be working on a couple of iPhones for 2020. These may number up to 5 iPhones, which include:

  • iPhone SE version 2 – possibly 4.7 inch display
  • A 5.4 inch display iPhone
  • Two 6.1 inch iPhones
  • One HUGE 6.7 inch iPhone

Apart from the iPhone SE 2, all the other iPhones are expected to have OLED displays. They’re also all expected to support 5G networks, with two of them supporting the mmWave 5G spectrum.

The highest end models, possibly named iPhone 12 Pros, will be the ones with mmWave 5G, and a new camera technology reported to have 3D features that could help with wider view pictures, sophisticated zoom, and even repairing pictures in post.

This new 3D camera is also expected to be available in the iPad Pros that’ll launch during the year.

2020 looks to be the company’s biggest year yet in terms of number of phones launched, and also in terms of new products introduced. Also rumored to launch in 2020 are Apple Glasses, a tracking device for Apple devices, a cheaper HomePod, and new iPad Pros. Remember you haven’t touched on laptops here – where the company may refresh all of them to do away with the terrible keyboard, perhaps introduce a new design, and larger batteries like we’ve seen with the new 16-inch Macbook Pro.

With such a wide array of products expected to launch, the rumors that Apple will shift to a twice-a-year launch cycle seems true. Reports suggest the company will most likely adopt this strategy in 2020 where they’ll refresh (or launch new) iPhones twice a year going forward.

Apparently, this move is meant to streamline their product line, and put them in a more favorable position to compete with other companies doing the same from Samsung to Huawei, to literally almost every other Android phone maker.

Since all these reports are based on rumors, we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out early next year. I am not sure Apple needs to do two iPhone launches a year. Unless, perhaps – though highly unlikely – the company plans to seriously get into the mid-range pricing. Which may work really well for them given the success of this year’s iPhone 11.

There’s also a rumor that the new iPhones, maybe the Pro ones, will ship with Airpods bundled in the package. Which would be a crazy move for Apple.

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