Five of the most popular phones in 2019

Mobile phones play a huge part in virtually everyone’s daily lives. Many of us are simply inseparable from our little handheld devices and would certainly miss them if they weren’t around anymore, that’s for sure.

We all use our phones for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe you’re someone who uses your phone to share images on social media and keep up to date with the latest trends? Alternatively, perhaps you’re a gamer and you want to play online roulette in South Africa? Alongside that, there’s the option of playing other hugely popular games like PUBG mobile, ordering food via the endless array of apps out there, booking a holiday or even sorting out some banking queries via your bank’s app. Essentially, phones have progressed massively over the years and we’re now able to do pretty much anything on them.

With all of this in mind and a new year fast approaching, we thought we’d go through some of the most popular phones of 2019 and further highlight the remarkable technological advancements in mobile phones that we’re lucky enough to witness today.

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OnePlus 7T:

OnePlus 7T
Five of the most popular phones in 2019 6

A hugely popular phone in 2019, the OnePlus 7T is a slick machine and a significant upgrade on the standard OnePlus 7. It has a triple-camera setup on the rear and rapid 30W charging that boosts your phone by just under 50 percent in 20 minutes. Impressive, right? Alongside its large 6.5in AMOLED display with a transformative 90Hz refresh rate, the OxygenOS 10 and its lovely looking design, the OnePlus 7T is easily one of the best phones of the year.

iPhone 11:

iPhone 11 Pro cameras
Five of the most popular phones in 2019 7

The success of iPhone is there for all to see, although perhaps at times not everyone has bought into them, with Android devices also proving to be hugely popular. There’s certainly still an appetite for iPhone’s though, with the iPhone 11 highlighting exactly why. Building on the success of the XR, this is a phone that didn’t really need to change much, other than add to its excellent design, improve its FaceID, alongside other small but ideal additions like a wide-angle lens. It’s hard to fault this phone. Apple, you’ve nailed it. Again.

Xiaomi Mi 9:

A beautiful looking machine full of power – making it one of the fastest phones on the market – the Xiaomi Mi 9 is rated as the best value for money smartphone around by many. It has an in-display fingerprint sensor as standard, a Snapdragon 855 processor, a much larger screen, 20W wireless charging and – perhaps most impressively of all – a triple-lens camera that includes a huge 48Mp lens. A phone that has won plenty of awards, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is a brilliant innovation from our time.

Google Pixel 3:

One of the best Android experiences you can possibly buy, the Google Pixel 3 has earned itself plenty of admirers in recent times. Just why that is exactly is quite obvious to see. The phone has a much improved larger screen, arguably the best point and shoot camera on the market, the most premium Google phone hardware to date, Incredibly impressive battery life – accompanied by the fact that you can charge it wirelessly, and it’s also waterproof too. Impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Galaxy S10 Plus Review Kenya
Five of the most popular phones in 2019 8

Considered to be the best Galaxy phone ever made, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has excellent cameras, is brilliantly built and has perfect display and performance. With its endless array of features and OneUI’s additions, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is worth every penny, despite being a fairly expensive device compared to many. Put simply, you get what you pay for.


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