Why is Samsung jumping from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20?

It’s been rumoured for a while now that Samsung will jump from S10 to S20. That has been officially confirmed with the latest leaks of the Galaxy S20+ 5G showing the full device. The leaked photos show the full name of the device, confirming Samsung is changing it’s naming strategy going forward.

But why? Why would a company abandon a naming scheme that has worked for the longest time? Why go with S20 when everyone knows it should be the S11?

There’s the obvious reason: it’s a new decade. It is the 2020s. Time for a new name! The first Samsung Galaxy S was launched in March of 2010. It makes sense that the first S20 comes in 2020, and with that understanding, we should expect all the S-series of this decade to progress from S20, to S29.

The new naming scheme though odd at first will make purchases very easy for customers going forward. You will know the phone you’re getting based on it’s name as that will also be it’s year. So S20 from 2020, S21 from 2021.

This change will also completely differentiate the Samsung flagship phones from Apple’s iPhones in naming. For example since the iPhone 11 has been out a while now, if the next flagship from Samsung came bearing the name S11, it would be seen as Samsung’s copying, or something like that.

I don’t know if the company will go with NOTE 20 later on this year. But I can bet that will also be the way forward for their stylus flagship. The NOTE series remember hasn’t always stuck with a progressive number scheme – they jumped from NOTE 5 to NOTE 7 (which became a disaster).

The S20 launches on February 11th. There should be an S20, S20+, S20+ 5G, and a rumored S20 Ultra. At the same time Samsung will be announcing a new foldable phone called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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