Apple’s iPhone SE 2 will be one of the best selling phones of 2020

The rumoured iPhone SE 2 is official. It will not be called the iPhone 9 after all. It will just be the iPhone SE 2020. Which probably means Apple has plans of doing such ‘Special Edition’ iPhones once in a while going forward. It may not be a yearly release though. Because apparently selling cheap iPhones has always been a problem for the company.

But this year could be different. This year, the new iPhone SE will, according to my unscientific predictions, be one of the best selling smartphones. This is because of a couple of reasons:

  1. Price – the new iPhone starts at just $399
  2. Specs – apart from packing the very powerful A13 bionic, the phone also supports Wireless charging, and is also certified IP67 water and dust resistant
  3. Worldwide circumstances – With the slump in purchase of smartphones – whether due to cost, or people saving money due to the pandemic, a $399 iPhone that ticks all the boxes will be a device to consider for many people.

The new iPhone SE 2 checks very many boxes for a smartphone, and more. The inclusion of wireless charging, plus water resistance at this price point is a weird decision one could never imagine of Apple just a few years ago. How many phones for $399 do you know with such features? And how many of such companies support their devices for 5 years plus?

Its only major problem will be the fact that it is a small device. And many of us hate small phones. A 4.7 inch display is too small for many normal humans in 2020, and that could be the reason many shy away. But for the others who don’t mind it, or the ones who would easily compromise because of price and brand, this is the device.

Apple's iPhone SE 2 will be one of the best selling phones of 2020
Apple's iPhone SE 2 will be one of the best selling phones of 2020 3

The new iPhone is also being announced at a time OnePlus has announced their OnePlus 8 PRO which for the first time is a fully-fledged flagship starting at $900. This is the first time OnePlus has IP68 certification and is also the first time they have incorporated wireless charging. But look at that price difference, and think of all the ways many people will choose the small device justifying price, and brand.

You will get Apple’s TouchID, with a single 12MP rear camera that supports portrait mode on human faces only. The base model will have 64GB of internal storage. It’ll be available in three colors: white, red or black.

Even if the device doesn’t become a hit, which I highly doubt, everyone who’s been asking for an upgrade from the small original iPhone SE will be happy to have a new powerful, but affordable mini iPhone.



  1. I will definitely go for it, I’ve been using my 6S plus for a while now and I think it’s high time I upgrade to this device. Then still I’ve also been using a redmi 4X for 3 years so I don’t mind the screen size. Unlike you Dickson na iyo Galaxy Note yako ?

  2. This is the device i have been waiting for, tired of this big sized phones. Even for the 256GB Version the price is superb at around 56 to 57k

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