Xiaomi Mi Band 5 launching on June 11th with Blood Oxygen Saturation Sensor

The Mi Band 5 is finally arriving. The launch date is set for June 11th as confirmed by GSMArena.

The new things to expect with the new Band are:

  1. A larger 1.2 inch display
  2. NFC Support outside China
  3. Alexa Support
  4. Camera remote control – allowing you to control the camera app on your phone
  5. A blood oxygen saturation sensor
  6. New exercise modes including yoga, elliptical machine, rowing machine, indoor cycling and rope jumping.

The Mi Band 4 it is replacing is already a really good smartwatch/fitness band for its price. It is the one device I recommend everyone to get if they want something for their fitness activities. I see the Mi Band 5 totally changing the game, should Xiaomi keep the same aggressive pricing.

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