Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification: Mistakes to Avoid to Pass SY0-501 Exam Easily

Cyberattacks are wild occurrences these days. Anyone could fall prey to cybercrime, but it gets even worse when it is targeted at an enterprise. Thus, many companies are always on the lookout for employees with a security background. And today, it is possible to prove your expertise in this field thanks to CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions Exam: SY0-601 , a non-profit organization that offers various certifications to IT specialists.

If you already have about two years of experience in this IT area and want to validate your skills, you may consider earning the CompTIA Security+ credential by taking SY0-501 exam. In this next bit, we will expound on this test and the mistakes you should avoid if you aim to succeed on your first attempt.

About Security+ Credential

The CompTIA Security+ badge verifies you have a broad knowledge about protecting devices, applications, and networks. To enrol in its SY0-501 test, it’s advised that you have working experience as an IT administrator with a focus on IT security. This should help you to better perform in the assessment since its tasks relating to the following:

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  1. Analyzing system security threats and employing necessary solutions to solving them
  2. Skills to prevent IT security issues
  3. Awareness of IT security regulations, policies, and laws
  4. Certbolt CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Exam-220-1002

Other important details about this exam you should know about are as follows:

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for SY0-501

Since passing SY0-501 is the only requirement for you to get your CompTIA Security+, you should expect its difficulty level to be quite high. However, if you master to avoid the next mistakes, you’ll go through this challenge much easier.

  • Focusing a lot on performance-based questions(PBQs)

There are ninety tasks to tackle in ninety minutes, so the pace of the assessment will be intense. And starting Certbolt.com – Security Plus take a lot of time. Therefore, it may be useful to do multiple-choice questions first, manage them fast, and then better plan your time to handle the rest of the items.

  • Not revising enough

You need to set aside enough time for your revision to study all the resources available. This means that you start your preparation for SY0-501 early to avoid grappling with lots of topics at the last minute and not getting confused about such a big amount of information.

  • Not practicing enough

You need to take as many practice tests as you can to ensure that you are ready to tackle any question you’ll face on the assessment. Try to get mocks that contain both outlined types of the items so as to train to answer them all, considering that PBQs are usually challenging.

  • Spending a lot of time on difficult questions

You need to be wise about your time management Visit The URL Link Here. One helpful technique is to skip hard questions and resume answering them once you are done with manageable tasks. In this case, you’ll cover more items in the stipulated limit and thus will have more chances to score high.


CompTIA Security+ is a valuable certification, and at the same time, the path to it is quite simple. You only need to take PrepAway A Plus 220-1002 , and now you know which mistakes you need to avoid when preparing and sitting for it. Remember, that once you get this badge, you are now open to lots of job opportunities such as a security administrator, a security specialist, or a security engineer, to name a few. You also have an opportunity for increased pay which can gain a mark of $74k annually as stated at PayScale.com. Do you think this is worth your efforts?


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