Webinar: Role of Emerging Digital Technologies in Shaping the Future of Smart Cities post COVID-19

The Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) is holding its second virtual webinar that seeks to explore how digital technologies can be influential in shaping the future of smart and sustainable cities post COVID-19 pandemic. Among the speakers joining in are:

  • Jerome Ochieng, PS ICT& Innovation – Keynote speaker
  • Professor Bitange Ndemo, ICT Champion &  Academician
  • Stephen Chege, Chief Corporate Affairs at Safaricom PLC
  • Kristian Mjoen, Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence on SDG City Transition in Trondheim.
  • Speaker from S.Korea.

The link to sign up is provided down below.

The main objective of the Upcoming Konza Technopolis Development Authority Webinar is to present a forum where digital players, innovators, industry experts, researchers and policymakers can engage on how best to explore digital technologies in shaping the future of smart cities post Covid-19 pandemic.

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Smart Cities tap into Digital Economy and accelerate New Value Creation which in turn assists firms clout technology to be flexible amidst disruption and to invent innovative digital business models consumer with the new norm – post-Covid-19. It is approximated that 70% of the new value created in markets over the next 10 years will be on digitally equipped businesses.

Konza Technopolis City Kenya Webinar
Webinar: Role of Emerging Digital Technologies in Shaping the Future of Smart Cities post COVID-19 4

As pointed out by a recent Oxford Business Group publication, governments around the world have been deploying smart city solutions in the fight against the coronavirus, utilizing the technology to track the spread of the virus and support the implementation of mitigation strategies. Therefore, the upcoming KoTDA Webinar will interrogate the emerging digital technologies, share experiences and find synergies among the key stakeholders that can be built for full utilization of technology in solving challenges currently facing cities and spur investment 

Countries such as South Korea and the United Arab Emirates have deployed technology in tackling the pandemic! South Korea conducted contacts tracing using camera and sensors data which helped decrease infection rates thus averting total lockdown of their population. In the Gulf state of U.A.E, Artificial Intelligence identified persons leaving their residential areas without authorization helping mitigate spread of the Corona Virus. Various digital tools were deployed in crowd monitoring through mobile phones pings to cells and enforcing social distances rules.

The City of Masdar – Abu Dhabi’s flagship sustainable smart city was central in Abu Dhabi’s Corona virus mitigation plan. In a record two weeks a high-volume secure testing facility diagnosed thousands of tests daily. Thus, helping fight the Covid-19. These are exemplary testaments of how smart cities and digital technology can resolve our current challenges.  


Leveraging On Emerging Digital Technologies in Shaping the Future of Smart and Sustainable Cities Post Covid-19 Pandemic’’.

Sub-themes to be discussed include:

  1. Exploring Technologies used to Manage Covid-19 Pandemic.
  2. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Cities.
  3. Deploying 5G Technology in Battling Covid-19 Pandemic.
  4. The niche of Robotics in Combating Covid-19.
  5. The Place of the Internet of Things in the Post Covid-19 Era.

Guided by experts and Digital Captains of Industry, this webinar will seek further exploration of plausible routes in which smart cities such as Konza Technopolis can anchor economic renewal in post covid-19 era.


This will be a two hours session that begins at 2: 00PM – 4:00PM. The webinar will begin with a keynote speech by the host Jerome Ochieng, PS ICT & Innovation followed by a moderated panel session and Q&A that will last for one hour.


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