Update: It’s official Xbox Series S to cost $299


Even before the official announcement of the pricing of the upcoming Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest and most powerful gaming console, leaks posted by have shown the world a cheaper console that will be joining the Series X. This new console will be branded Series S, and will apparently launch at just $299.

Windows Central has said they can confirm that the price will actually be the said $299, or $25 a month for Xbox All Access subscription/financing. The more powerful Series X will be $499 with the option for $35 a month All Access financing. According to them, the launch is set for November 10th 2020, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Details on the specifications of the cheaper Series S haven’t been shared yet. What’s known, however, is that the device is smaller than the Series X, and that it will be as powerful as the Xbox One S. It will be targeted at customers who don’t necessarily want to play in full 4K, and are satisfied with 1080p with higher framerates.

Source: Image Central. Not sure about sizes being exact.

With this information, it will be exciting to see how Sony will be pricing their upcoming also very powerful PS5 Console so as to be able to comfortably compete with Microsoft. The set launch date of the new Series X and Series S also gives us an idea of when we can expect Sony’s new console to go on sale.

Personally, I’m more excited with the PS5 – though I’ve never owned a console – than I am the Xbox series. What about you?

Check out the video:

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