Huawei has shared important updates on AppGallery at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020. Delivering his keynote speech, Mr Wang Yanmin, President of Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group highlighted AppGallery’s achievements in the first three quarters of 2020, outlined the comprehensive support Huawei provides for its global partners and shared success stories to inspire developers.

In Kenya Huawei AppGallery has signed up local apps such as:

  • Standard Media Group, TUKO, Nation Media Group,
  • ABSA Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank and Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya
  • among others.

“Despite increasing challenges, AppGallery and the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem has continued to show progress this year, all thanks to our global partners. With this strong support and recognition, we will continue to invest in the ecosystem as we build one of the top three app distribution platforms in the world. We are confident that as we continue to work closer with our partners, we can help them to grow and achieve their business goals, especially for those locally popular names who are looking to expand into other global markets,” said Mr Wang Yanmin.


Huawei says AppGallery now dedicates itself to meet the diverse needs of 490 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in over 170 countries/regions with. Within the first half of 2020, user app downloads reached 261 billion, underscoring the popularity growth of this app marketplace among users.

The company now boasts of having 1.8 million developers globally join the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem with more than 96,000 applications being integrated with HMS Core worldwide.

An underlying priority for AppGallery, Huawei claims, is reaching the diverse needs of users across different regions and provide them with relevant and quality app services. AppGallery’s ‘Global + Local strategy’ is an innovative approach to app listing that provides consumers with an enhanced experience by focusing on popular local apps.

Some globally popular apps and services will always be the preferred choice for consumers around the world. With the support of influential global partners, Huawei’s ecosystem continues to grow, with partners such as Bolt, Deezer, Foodpanda, TomTom Go Navigation, LINE, Qwant and Telegram joining AppGallery to make life more convenient for users.

Local developers are quickly realising the wide-ranging benefits of listing with AppGallery as consumers also often prefer their own local apps and services too. In Middle East & Africa, the favourite local messaging app Imo and the well-known online shopping platform noon shopping are available on AppGallery. In Europe, BBVA, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, and Allegro, a popular online shopping app has come on-board the AppGallery platform. In Latin America (LATAM), AppGallery has onboarded Bancolombia, one of the largest bank in LATAM, and Linio, the leading e-Commerce marketplace.  In Asia Pacific, the popular travel booking app Agoda and Lazada, one of the top e-commerce sites are listed in AppGallery.

Love for developers:

Partners are joining AppGallery to utilise Huawei’s innovative technology and HMS core, enabling traditional sectors to fast-track digital transformation. Huawei’s fully open HMS Core helps accelerate app innovation and elevate user experience. With these capabilities and services, users will be able to enjoy differentiated experience from apps, thus to bring more business opportunities for add developers as well.

AppGallery provides full-spectrum operational support for developers worldwide and assist them to unlock new opportunities, such as cross-region operation and global exposure. To date, a number of partners from various regions have benefited from AppGallery.

Tom Tom, one of the world’s leading navigation brands, has both of its popular navigation apps TomTom Go Navigation and TomTom AmiGO listed on AppGallery. Through joint marketing efforts with Huawei, TomTom AmiGO saw 22 times growth in download rate; Bolt, a ride-hailing application saw an increase of 136 times in European and Africa downloads from week one to week thirteen; Kumu, a TV livestream app from the Philippines, worked with AppGallery to launch a Mother’s Day campaign. In the first 15 days, there was 220% increase in Kumu’s premium users, and its revenue grew more than 40 times.

Huawei also has extensive support to assist developers to explore business opportunities in China and other global markets, by providing relevant consulting service, localization and integration, marketing and campaign services. A spokesperson from newly joint partner Emirates said: “It’s our pleasure to build a collaboration with Huawei in order to provide the best possible customer experience…The engaging tools that are available on the Huawei AppGallery can help us create closer bonds and experiences with more customers, especially in China, which is a significant market for us. The next phase of our collaboration will roll out soon and is aimed at benefitting passengers at every step of their journey, from trip planning to arrive at their destination.”

Since last year, Huawei has helped over 700 partners enter the Chinese market.

Going forward, Huawei continues to expand developer services. Huawei is building three global ecosystem cooperation labs in Russia, Poland, and Germany to serve global developers and provide enablement, testing, and certification services. Five global developer service centres will also be established in Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, Mexico, and Russia, providing local services and platforms to help developers better grow and innovate.

Huawei has always and will continue to welcome global developers to join the HMS ecosystem. We believe that by working closely together, we can bring a better, smarter app experience to global consumers. After all, when tiny stars come together, they form a brighter constellation.


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