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Samsung NOTE 10+ receiving Wireless DeX support with new update

The Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Plus is receiving an OTA update that bundles up a couple of new things with the September 2020 Google Security patch. Among the new features in the 1.2GB Update are:

  • Wireless DeX Support
  • New WiFi Security features
  • New Camera Pro video features
  • New Samsung NOTE taking features
  • New features for the Always ON display

I haven’t used my Galaxy NOTE 10+ for a while now. This update may have rolled out earlier – especially since it brings the September Security patch. But I am only seeing it now, so let’s talk about it anyways.

One of the updates the new Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra brought was support for Wireless DeX. DeX is Samsung’s custom Android interface built to their flagship phones that allows for people to have a desktop experience when they connect their devices to a big screen.

At first, one needed a huge dock to use DeX. That then became a smaller dock a year later, and then it became only a cable. Now it is completely wireless, all you need to do is cast your phone to a Miracast compatible display.

You can then either use your phone as the input device, as a trackpad, or connect these accessories via bluetooth. Though I never really take advantage of this feature, it is always nice to know that whenever I need to do something that requires that wholesome desktop interface, all I need is a cable and a bigger display. With the update installed, now all I will need is a WiFi connection.

Here’s the full change-log with the new update:

Samsung NOTE 10 receiving Wireless DeX support with new update

And here’s the new DeX in settings:

Samsung NOTE 10 receiving Wireless DeX support with new update

You can now use DeX either with an HDMI cable, with a laptop via USB, or wirelessly to supported devices. What are your thoughts on Wireless DeX?

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