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TECNO Camon 16 Premier vs RealMe 6 – Which one to get?

First of all, the TECNO Camon 16 Premier is the exact phone as the Infinix Zero 8. So if you wanted a comparison between the Zero 8 and the RealMe 6, this article is offering you that. Just replace everything I say about the Camon 16 Premier to match the Zero 8.

Secondly, both the RealMe 6, the Camon 16 Premier, and the Zero 8 have similar specs, and are almost similarly priced hence this comparison.

Here’s the price breakdown:

PhoneRAM and StoragePrice
realme 68/128GBRRP. 29,999
TECNO Camon 16 Premier8/128GBRRP. 28,499
Infinix Zero 88/128GBRRP. 28,999

So let’s dive into this.

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First, here are the major differences between the RealMe 6 and the Camon 16 Premier:

RealMe 6TECNO Camon 16 Premier
Display:6.5 inches IPS LCD 1080 x 2400 pixels6.78-inch display 1080×2460 pixels resolution
Front cameras:Single 16MP Dual 48MP+8MP
Battery:4300mAh with 30W fast charging4500mAh with 33W fast charging
UI:realme UI HiOS

These are the only main differences between these two phones. Everything else is the same, as you will see in the last table down below. Which means one has to look at other things so as to know what device to go with. And since I’ve used both, here are the things I’ve noticed:


This could sound vague. However, RealMe is a pretty new name for many Kenyans. I’ve suggested the phone to a couple of people, and everyone keeps asking which brand it is. However, that doesn’t mean things are easy for TECNO. Everyone I’ve suggested the device to says the asking price is steep for a TECNO. Both companies still need to work a little harder to convince customers to spend their money on their devices. RealMe needs to build its brand presence in the market while TECNO needs to find new ways to convince users they make really good phones. Also, I find the RealMe 6 name way easier than saying a whole 4 names for the TECNO counterpart.

TECNO Camon 16 Premier vs RealMe 6 90hz7 scaled
TECNO Camon 16 Premier vs RealMe 6 - Which one to get? 15

90Hz Display:

Both support 90Hz refresh rates. The TECNO Camon 16 Premier comes with this already enabled out of the box. For the RealMe 6, one has to enable it after setup in Display Settings. It comes set at Auto Refresh which switches between 90Hz and 60Hz depending on usage. Both look really good, and personally, the effect is even more prominent on the larger 6.78-inch display of the Camon 16 Premier.

If you love a more compact feeling display, the 6.5 inches of the RealMe 6 is good, since the phone itself doesn’t feel as big on the hand, or as heavy as the Camon 16 Premier.

User Interface:

I can’t say I prefer one UI over the other. RealMe UI is very similar to OPPO’s ColorOS. Very much so, I believe they only changed the name. I mean RealMe is an OPPO breakaway company.

On the other hand, TECNO’s HiOS is also quite different. Both UIs pack lots of bloatware, and lots of features you probably won’t bother using. And yes, both have annoying ads in some parts of their interface. Though HiOS has more ads and notifications than RealMe UI.

One thing I love about TECNO’s UI though is that a couple of Google’s default apps are left as such. So the default Messages app is the one from Google. The only App Store is the Google Play Store. And other little things. On RealMe, there’s a duplication of stuff, which can give you a not-so-good experience.


Both enjoy the same exact performance. That’s expected since both have the same Helio G90T processor with 8GB RAM. I want to say I feel like the RealMe 6 sometimes has the edge over the Camon 16 Premier, but there’s no way to point this out in a clear way. Because everything works the same, from gaming to having lots of apps open.


The RealMe 6 has a 4300mAh battery supporting 30W super fast charging. The Camon 16 Premier has a 4500mAh battery supporting 33W super fast charging. Both charge really quick, and both last really long. On both devices I have been very comfortable with my usage, throughout the day both with WiFi connections, and with 4G/LTE connections. These are devices you carry around without worrying your battery won’t be able to keep up with your requirements. And even if the battery gets low, a simple 30min charge assures you of close to 65% battery.

@TechSawa made a very good thread on Twitter about the Camon 16 Premier’s charging speeds. Check it out here:

Rear Cameras:

Here, the Megapixel count is the same on all lenses. Both have a 64MP main lens, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro, and a 2MP depth sensor. However, I can’t say they produce the same images. Something with how the different companies handles photo processing is very visible in the final pictures.

Of course I have samples for you to compare the two outputs. Here you go:

Picture 1:

Slide to compare TECNO on the LEFT and RealMe on the RIGHT

TECNO Camon 16 vs realme 6 Sample PicsIMG 20200820 024623 655 scaledrealme 6 vs TECNO Camon 16 Sample PicsIMG20200930151208 scaled

Picture 2:

Slide to compare. Which do you prefer?

TECNO Camon 16 vs realme 6 Sample PicsIMG 20200820 024701 319 scaledrealme 6 vs TECNO Camon 16 Sample PicsIMG20200930151218 scaled

Picture 3:

TECNO Camon 16 vs realme 6 Sample PicsIMG 20200805 053341 319 scaledrealme 6 vs TECNO Camon 16 Sample PicsIMG20200915175923 scaled

Front cameras:

Here, one expects very different results because the lenses are different. The RealMe 6 has a single 16MP camera while the Camon 16 Premier has a dual setup. Here is a selfie comparison between the two phones.

Selfie sample:

TECNO Camon 16 vs realme 6 Sample PicsIMG 20200820 024738 297 scaledrealme 6 vs TECNO Camon 16 Sample PicsIMG20200930151318


I wish I had more photos of people for the camera review. Because I know this is where most people like checking out different cameras. However, it is not easy to find subjects who are open to being paraded online for camera reviews hahaha. Anyways, both cameras take quite good pictures. I lean more towards the RealMe6 however for landscapes because it appears to save more details than the Camon 16 Premier. I however lean more towards the Camon 16 Premier for selfie portraits because it takes wider pics, and also processes the skin very nicely.

What are your thoughts on both devices, and from this comparison, which of the two would you go for? Tell me your reasons down below.

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