4 Reasons People Watch Online Videos

The consumption of online videos is increasing with every passing day, and the viewership of streaming platforms like YouTube is also skyrocketing. It is very important for businesses and marketers to understand what drives people towards video content so they can make better promotion videos. One can simply place their ads in between the videos to promote their business, but that is not effective at all. No one wants their video to be interrupted by ads, and when that happens, people are likely to get annoyed. A better way is to turn towards content marketing and produce videos that will promote your business and offer your audience what they are looking for. If you find it difficult to create high-quality video content, the third-party tool Filmimpact will help you by simplifying the video editing process. In this article, I have mentioned a few reasons people watch online videos that will help you create more engaging video content. Let’s take a look:

Entertainment & Inspiration    

According to surveys, more than 53% of the people who view online videos watch it for entertainment and inspiration. From Netflix shows to small YouTube videos, people stream the content because they are either getting entertained or inspired. So, it is recommended that you promote marketing videos that are creative and entertaining. A video that evokes the viewer’s emotion or inspires them is more likely to put their attention towards your brand. 


There is a good chunk of viewers who turn towards online videos to learn something new or broaden their horizons. According to research, around 21% of viewers watch online videos to gain new knowledge. There are many platforms like YouTube that offer some excellent informative videos on all kinds of different topics. You can also look for YouTube alternatives like Vimeo that have some excellent educational videos. So, it is recommended that you create educational content relevant to your product or services and convince your audience through it.

Escape & Relax

28% of the online video viewers said that they watch it to escape or to relax. Most people lead ordinary lives, and they want to experience something extraordinary when they are watching TV or streaming sites on their laptops or phone. This is one of the reasons why fantasy world TV shows and superheroes movies are so popular. If you want to convince your viewers to buy your products, you should create videos that are interesting and don’t hesitate to use fictional stories. You can create a world or simply a character that will speak for your brand in a unique way. 

Pursue Hobbies

Another reason people watch online videos is to pursue their hobbies. Luckily there is so much online video content available these days that it is hard not to find tutorials or educational videos for any hobby. For example, people who like knitting look for videos that can help them improve their art. If you have found something interesting that you feel you will be good at, you can watch a video about it and practice it yourself. Marketers can also create videos that will help people improve their skills and will simultaneously promote the brand.


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