AICE to launch ‘AI for Leaders’ to train CEOs from Kenya, Africa on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Centre Of Excellence (AICE) will launch the first inaugural AI for Leaders Roundtable on the 28th of January 2021, to curb the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) skills gap and propel revenue generation for successful AI resource investment in Africa.

Themed, The Potential of AI in Transforming Businesses, the Roundtable is targeting C-Level executives from top industries, to discuss and build capacity around ethical AI for revenue generation. This is to ensure that executives and business leaders understand AI, its applications, the infrastructure requirements and how ethical AI can generate business growth and transformation.

Following its recent successful launch into the market, AICE’s Founder, John Kamara, states that, “It is integral to have conversations and build networks with key industry leaders, and policy makers in placing Africa in the world map for AI. The upcoming event is proof for me that Kenya and Africa are excited in setting the stage in the AI and ML industry.”

AI For Leaders Roundtable is set to host key industry leaders such as: Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi – Secretary General UNCTAD, Dr. James Mwangi – CEO Equity Group Holdings Plc, Dr. Jacques Ludik- Founder & CEO MIIA and Mr. Mugo Kibati- CEO Telkom Kenya Ltd.

The ‘AI for Leaders’ Round Table event is harnessed on the objective to prepare, guide and demystify AI amongst top leaders and decision makers. The event will is scheduled to take place quarterly, and is designed to focus on:

  • Investment into data science
  • Data for CEO’s
  • Ways to build AI structures around legacy businesses
  • ROI upon investing in data & AI
  • Championing ethical AI (the 2021 round table theme)
  • AI and Data Science talent in Kenya (and how to leverage on and build this talent to place Africa on the map for AI)

AICE’s mission is to champion AI solutions, build capacity, demystify Artificial Intelligence in Africa, as well as create ethical AI solutions that tackle Africa challenges effectively. AICE aims to build innovations that will create jobs, and drive human wealth within the artificial intelligence landscape.

AICE focuses on three modules: A Centre of Excellence for ICT and AI in Kenya and beyond, in knowledge and academic research; Research and development (R&D); that will create opportunities for the adoption and utilisation of AI across Africa and beyond; and AI Services in Africa.

The centre has made immense strides, following its kick off in August last year, whilst also building optimal visibility for AI as a change-maker. Founded on ethical AI, AICE is focusing on having conversations about AI; but still maintains the use of ethical technology that will set precedence in Africa.


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