Many companies in the smartphone industry are trying to establish themselves in the market by introducing features that will differentiate them from other companies. Nokia has been able to do this in a way that has enabled them to grasp a commendable position in the phone production niche. Nokia devices have been known for their software, security updates, and build quality since their inception, and are a force to reckon with based on these aspects.

HMD Global has been able to introduce outstanding features on their devices which have taken the mobile market by storm. This has attracted users to some extent because these are the main things that users go for when buying mobile phones. This has brought about a sense of trust by consumers in the industry. This point has been shed to light by Counterpoint Research where Nokia phones lead the trust rankings. The research shows clearly that Nokia devices put user needs and consideration as the core of their manufacturing process. Who would want a phone that is prone to security threats and has poor software and builds quality?

Users’ security is paramount when using any kind of device. User safety must be put in play in every phone device during its production. Nokia has high-security standards which act as a shield against any kind of attack that may affect its functionality and personal information of its users. This fact without a doubt gives peace to Nokia users, knowing that their personal information is as safe as it gets.

As much as significant security threats are currently not highly experienced, the updates from Nokia come in handy to counter any possible issues that may arise creating potential problems. Nokia security updates are a necessity based on all those lingering threats. They have been able to make all this feasible through their monthly security updates which are done over three years. This gives the users a chance to improve his/her device security either by manual or auto-updates. Most of the phone companies do not have these monthly updates which make Nokia gain the upper hand on user information security. In addition, major operation systems upgrades for all its device are continually done for a period of two years which also sets it apart from other players in the industry.

According to the research done by Counterpoint, Nokia software updates are done fast. There are many of Nokia devices that have received updates from Android 8 to Android 10. This not only helps devices stay useful for longer, but also makes them retain overall value over the period of years uses will have them in their pockets. This is very unlike devices from other companies that depreciate much more aggressively thanks to the lack of software upgrades.

This acquisition of the latest Android version across Price-Tier clearly makes it outstanding in line with software updates. These updates for all intents and purposes improve the features of these devices which also goes hand in hand with the earlies issues of the device security. They essentially improve security by closing any windows that might have been open when the devices were running on the previous software before the update which had higher chances of being attacked as compared to the new updated software. As much as software updates are mostly about curbing the security concerns of these devices, it is also about making the user of Nokia devices have a better experience when using it in their day-to-day routines. This has been made possible by fixing all the bugs that may make all of this impossible through those monthly security patches updates.

There is nothing worse for a user, than seeing your newly acquired smartphone wear and tear out. Nokia devices have tried to reduce this by focusing on an amazing build quality. Focusing on the build quality is particularly important because it ensures all the hardware aspects of your phone are well protected. Nokia devices have adhered to this by working to put in place an outstanding quality of construction that can stand the test of time. Its build quality scores say everything. Most of its devices have incredible drop impact handling that constantly withstands shock, and that can really upgrade a user’s experience. This is all thanks to amazing craftsmanship.

Furthermore, Nokia displays are also something to write home about thanks to the breath-taking entertainment experience which has been enhanced by the company’s PureDisplay technology. The technology bulls on the overall build quality global score giving Nokia devices an upper hand over many other OEMs.


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